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Tomorrow is not only Halloween and it’s not only winner announcement day of my #SassySallysSpookyGiveaways, but it’s also my anniversary. It’s been 5 years and I have been told…been forbidden…to be offline tomorrow. I am on here basically 7 days a week – I love what I do! But, sadly,  I need to get off and spend some time with my husband…haha that sounds totally cruel! But, I will be getting spoiled and going out and enjoying life and disappearing off social media…only for the day! So, that means, I won’t be able to announce the winners until the day after. Hope you guys understand!


Have a lovely last 10 hours of the giveaway and I will be announcing the day after Halloween..ha! That’s my spooky gift to you…suckas,,,hehe just kiddddding!

Have a lovely weekend everyone xox
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#Chaumet #Hortensia Medium #Jewelry in #Dubai

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From high jewellery to sentimental jewel
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 From within the restrained architecture of a Japanese garden, trimmed in its lush, verdant embroidery, Chaumet plucks a flower: the hydrangea.

The jeweller finds lavish inspiration in its endless varieties, with round or tapered petals joyfully forming a delicate cluster or a perfect sphere, frolicking with colour
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and blooming in an astonishing geometric spectrum, now echoed in the world of couture. Here is jewellery-making excellence expressed with the same floral grammar: from corolla to pistil,
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Chaumet explores all the flower’s intricacies, playing upon ten petal variations. Nature has been tamed: stylised, openworked, sculpted, capturing motion at once taut and supreme delicate. The hydrangea as seen by Chaumet aligns with the House’s naturalistic style to become a collection of sentimental jewels.

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Born of the excellence of Chaumet High Jewellery, six new powder-pink designs express blossoming emotion. Like a thread of diamonds, the flower’s stem is traced into a tiara and a necklace, the curve of a bracelet, ring or earrings. Suspended from this pattern, sculpted opal cabochons, pink tourmalines and sapphires blossom in asymmetrical bouquets that hide an impeccably assembled composition. Behind these floral clusters lies a subtle setting strategy – including a champagne setting creating a veritable pavé of precious bubbles – of solid or openwork petals and surprising variations of matte and polished gold.


#Review @MuradCare @MuradCares @DrMurad #Skincare in #Dubai

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(Click the photos for larger views.)

Murad Skincare has always be a win for me! I recently tried out their 1st and 2nd step, check it out here.

Not sure if the 1st & 2nd step is in the same range as this 3rd step, but it works for me!

I opened the hydrate age reform perfecting day cream and I immediately was blown away with a hometown memory.
THIS is what sunscreen smells like! I remember always opening up high SPF growing up with this distinctive smell.
I haven’t smelt that in years! And I have tried a lot of sunscreens here in Dubai. So, I really liked the smell of it…
It’s super hydrating and perfect on the skin. I had one measly pimple breakout and just on that area is a bit oily,
so maybe if yu have broken out, try not to wear this product. Other than it’s perfect and I will be using this daily, even
while sitting indoors on my computer.

Thanks Murad!


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A new hair care range from JOHNSON’S® Baby that is safe, gentle and effective, and developed for your growing child’s changing needs 
Caring for your growing child’s hair can be tricky. Straight, wavy, curly or kinky; thin or thick; fine or coarse; every child’s hair is different, and so are the hair care needs, as he or she grows older. Add to this taming fly-ways and tangles, and it’s easy to see why hair care is a challenge like no other for parents. 
Luckily, JOHNSON’S® Baby – the brand that has been providing the best in caring for little ones around the world for over 125 years and understands your child’s changing needs – has come to the rescue of parents and children everywhere with a new Little People’s Hair Care range. 
When caring for a child’s hair, JOHNSON’S® Baby knows best that safety and gentleness are paramount. That’s why the new range, developed under the supervision of paediatricians, is clinically proven to be mild; is made using ingredients rigorously selected to the highest gold standards; and has the well-known NO MORE TEARS® formula that is as gentle to the eyes as pure water. 
The new Little People’s Hair Care range is also effective, providing great benefits. It will make the life of any parent easier, and importantly it will turn hair care into an enjoyable experience for your child, establishing good hair care habits early on, so your child will be more likely to practice proper hair and scalp care, as he or she gets older.


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As soft and fine as silk,

As melting as a cream,

#Bourjois has created the new powder sensation SILK EDITION

The compact powder that takes you on an extreme sensory experience…


Equipped with a 360° rotating mirror and a soft sponge that reinforces the smoothing effect,

this slim-line compact is incredibly practical. Designed as an accessory to be carried at all times!

 4 actions in one single step:

 Evens out blemishes and dark spots

Mattifies for 8 hours

Blurs pores and blemishes

Smoothes fine lines

Try it today!


Want a #BrazilianButt? You can get that in #Dubai, #UAE!

Dr Juan

All Natural and Chic #Brazilian gluteal-lift at #Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

A well-rounded and prominent behind is the rage today, and a “Brazilian Buttock Augmentation” will not only give you dramatic results, but an overall well-defined physique as well.

Anyone in need of a more natural, well-defined and youthful backside can now have what is known as a Brazilian Buttock Lift at our Dubai clinic.

As the number of curvier Hollywood celebrities continues to rise, more and more people are beginning to embrace and accept more round and prominent glutes.

On the other hand, there those who are unhappy with either the size or shape of their buttocks due to a number of reasons like childbirth, weight loss or just nature.

This has led to the rise in numbers of women (and men) who are making a beeline for a Buttock augmentation procedure, as evidenced by the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery (DCS) clinic.

According to Dr Juan Tadeo Krogulec, resident surgeon at DCS, and a Board Certified plastic surgeon, the past decade has seen a positive change towards a rounder backside.

Buttock augmentation can be achieved through buttock implants or fat grafting, and at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, fat grafting takes precedence because it gives more definition with natural-looking results. “Buttock fat grafting, commonly known as the Brazilian Buttock Lift, is rising in popularity mostly because it is natural and safe,” says Dr Juan, adding that it involves transferring fat from other areas of the body to the buttocks through a process known as fat grafting.

“At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we recommend fat grafting in comparison to implants because with fat transfer, there is no chance of any allergic reactions, recovery is quicker and more safe,” explains the Doctor. He notes, “Implants on the other hand have high risks of infections, pain and there is always that chance of your body rejecting the implant.”

“In addition, by removing fat from other areas of the body, it gives an overall slimming effect as well as a more defined appearance. In short, it is the best procedure for women looking to improve their overall silhouette.”

The results are long lasting, and not only do they give you a more defined and perky backside, it also improves the recipient’s self-esteem and confidence, especially if the recipient was uncomfortable with her/his backside beforehand, and affected their way of life.

Recovery time after a Brazilian Buttock augmentation is 2-3 weeks, and during this time the person should not sit for prolonged periods of time.


About Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

The clinic’s aim is to stay in tune with the rapidly evolving world of aesthetic medicine by participating in international congresses as well as bringing experts from each continent of the world to share their unique expertise and knowledge. This allows us to educate the public about the newest developments in the field of aesthetic medicine while offering the latest treatments, techniques, and technologies available in the world to our everyday clients.


Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic which has evolved into a complete aesthetic institute, offering the latest techniques and procedures for complete ‘head-to-toe’ aesthetic restoration, rejuvenation, and embellishment. Our team consists of World Renowned experts in the field of Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplant, and Laser & Skincare.

Location: Al Wasl Road, (Al-Manara, Umm Suqeim area), Dubai, United Arab Emirates.



For more information please contact:

Esther Mumbua

Public Relations Coordinator

Telephone: 00971 4 348 5575

GSM: 00971508495183