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For my birthday, I went to Shahinaz Ladies Salon in Sharjah.
It really wan’t that bad! For a Sharjah salon ;)

I got a massage – which btw I got a HUGE knot out of my shoulder!!!
The masseuse really worked hard on it and in the end I could move my shoulder back.
Which was a huge relief on me..

Secondly, I got henna done. The henna is really amazing! It’ so dark and so brown on my skin.
I am shocked because normally henna turns up orange on my skin.

I also got my makeup done with lashes. Below is the step by step application.
I thought you ladies might like to see it.
Apparently this is Arab-style makeup. The artist was trained in Saudi Arabia.


Thirdly, I got ombre done…which matched my eyes above!


IMG_0099 IMG_0100

My Henna:

IMG_0063IMG_0067 IMG_0066


The picture doesn;t do justice and it still kind of looks a bit orange, but it’s really not. The quality of this henna was really great.
I am definitely heading back to get some more henna work – especially when I move back home, so I can show my family this :)

End result:

I got a spray tan the day before I went into this salon. LOL


35 Winners with Paese Cosmetics!


Great news ladies! The 35 winners who are receiving AED 50 gift vouchers are also receiving
a makeover at the kiosks! So, come makeup-less – they’ll pretty you up for the day xoxox

Here are the list of winners again:
Cheryl Ciudad Saleem
Monica Ramesh Prii
Lalaine Bernardo Calolo
Nimfa Denim
Nipa Gandhi
Promise Poulose
Mamoona Khan
Nesa Rao
Birthday Bash:
Sarah Ameen
Marwa Azzam
Aks Jiyas
Jocelyn Martinez
Haleema Waheed
Hemant Kumar
Sarita Ramchandani
Angel Kavita
Mimmi Sunshine
Lavina Menezes Rego
Lovely Rajwani
Fatma Mohammed,
Sanam Gambhir
Jalpa Doshi
Insiya Husain
Maryam Bhatti
Payal Doshi
Kamal Kumar
Fatima Ameer
Fatema Codes
Meena Dand

All are ready for collection. Simply head to your closest kiosk and bring any sort of ID to prove you are one of the winners above.
Check HERE for locations.

Have fun darlings


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image (18)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day right? Imagine waking up to a buffet
breakfast that was fresh and healthy every day like Mojo Restaurant at Sharjah Hilton – YUM!

The view at the top, just makes it so ultimately serene.
(It’s not that dark in the eating area-blame that on my iPhone camera.)

First course – yes – first course in the morning! ha :P

image (12)image (13)


Although by the second course, I just couldn’t move…I couldn’t even finish my plate :(

image (15) image (16)

The food is and always will be 100% fresh, the fruit, the meals are just made crisply and beautifully
that I would love to have breakfast here every morning. With a view like this, you really can’t go wrong.

IMG_0311image (14)

Fresh flowers and foods that I totally miss from back home..like take that french toast for example!
The last time I saw that was…at least 2.5 years.

I had a beautiful and refreshing morning that there was nothing stopping me for the day ahead.

The food and the view is spectacular and you really cannot beat that.

I loved it. 2 thumbs up for me. 3 – if I had a 3rd one ;)



#Review – #Arcancil #ArcancilDubai #Makeup #EyeShadow Stick



Creamy, yet long wearing GREEN eye shadow stick..yes we all know how much I love green on my eyes! ;)

It’s a little bit blurry below, but you get the idea.


It’s really a handy tool if you aren’t that great at blending colors or making it look at fancy as makeup artists.

Arcancil has a lot of beautiful makeup pieces – a lot!

They are originally from France…so that about sums it right up lol :P

You can find them at Arcancil.com