My laptop is in repairs!

Hey guys, I have so many blogposts, reviews, winner announcements and more giveaways to post…but unfortunately, no laptop to do the good stuff on. I’m not too familiar with using this WordPress app, so I won’t be using this to post anything. Please be patient with me and I promise all will be revealed to you soon.

Lots of love,
Sassy Sally

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#Review #Glambox #BeautyBox in #Dubai #Beauty Samples from @GlamboxME & @THEFACESHOPUAE


This months Glambox is super cool! It’s all o-naturale products – yay!

Whitening Deluxe 3 piece kit
Aloe Face Mask
Natural Sun Sample Kit
Perfumed Hand Cream
Mango Seed Lip Care

With 5 products, really 8 – you can’t go wrong with this Glambox!! It’s super jam-packed.

Reviews to come soon for The Face Shop!

Lots of love xox

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#Review #Neck #SkinRepublic



I have been so busy and without a laptop – I am drowning! I just wanted to share with you a review I recently did on my neck & decolletage. Skin Republic is a brand new brand – isn’t there always in Dubai!? ;) They have some really nice masks and soon I will be reviewing one, but for now I did this one and I will fill you all in on my thoughts.

After the mask my neck was super moisturized, I am not sure if I saw any skin tightening after the first session, but my neck did feel great. I am most certain if you do weekly treatments, you will see wondrous results. Thankfully, my neck isn’t the culprit, unlike other parts of my face, so that could also be a reason why I didn’t notice much of a difference.

I can’t wait to do my facial mask! A must needed one, too ;)


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#Review #SkinTherapyOil #Palmers @Palmers_ME

I sometimes have oily skin…some days, I just don’t know though! I guess I can say combination skin. Anyways, I was recommended this product and told to use it while in the shower, so it can be rinsed off. I did just that, and it wasn’t bad at all. I mean, this product feels great on, but I wouldn’t recommend it for people with oily skin. This product removes scars, stretch marks, repairs dry & damaged skin, fixes uneven skin tone & helps with aging skin.

أنا في بعض الأحيان لدي بشرة الدهنية و أيام جافة! لا أعلم ما هو نوع جلدي! على أي حال ، أنا أوصى بهذا المنتج، و قيل لي أن استخدمه أثناء الحمام ، لكي استطيع إن اغسله. فعلت ذلك ، و لم يكن سيئا على الإطلاق! أعني، هذا المنتج يعطي شعور رائع ، ولكن أنا لن أوصي به لل أشخاص الذين يعانون من البشرة الدهنية . هذا المنتج يزيل الندوب ، علامات التمدد ، ويصلح البشرة الجافة و التالفة




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#Review on @Palmers_ME Hair Success Frizz Treatment Serum @Palmers_ME

I really love Hair Success Treatment Serum by Palmers! My hair tips were so soft for a few days after applying and it didn’t make it feel oily at all! I will definitely be purchasing this product again, it’s a must have!

  • أنا حقا أحببت المصل من بالمرز ! شعري أصبح نعم جدا لبضعة أيام بعد تطبيقه ولم يزيته على الإطلاق! أنا بالتأكيد سوف أقوم بشراء هذا المنتج مرة أخرى !

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#Review #OliveButter Formula by #Palmers @Palmers_ME

This is an Anti-Aging Body Lotion, but I have been using it for my hands and elbows, since I work at a desk all day long and it’s works wonders! I love anything with Olive Oil in it. This product is not too oily either, it’s great.

  • هذا مرطب الجسم لمكافحة الشيخوخة رائع جداً ، قمت باستخدامه ل يدي و المرفقين لأنني دائماً أعمل على المكتب! أنا أحب أي شيء مع زيت الزيتون!

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#Review #Eataly @EatalyArabia at @TheDubaiMall #TheDubaiMall #Dubai #DubaiRestaurant #RestaurantReview


I used to be an Italian cooking freak! LOL I watched Rachael Ray and Cake Boss…but his cooking show, in the morning. Then I would finish my coffee, go for a stroll to the Italian Grocer and cook up some fancy Italian feast for my husband…times have changed and I haven’t cooked in forever! I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t really cooked a hearty meal in like the 3 years I have been here. Italian food is #1 on the top of my list for favorite foods. The fresh ingredients…the basil…mmm bellisimo! <–If that’s how you spell it :P

Firstly, Eataly has a HUGE spot inside The Dubai Mall. I walked in there and didn’t even know it was a restaurant until the very back! They have Nutella stands and …um! There was so much I can’t even remember! It was full of chocolate ganache and yummy places….mm mmm GOOD!

For dinner, I had an appy that consisted of Italian fresh cut meat, bread, olives, tomatoes…all ridiculously fresh! Oh, some fancy cheese & lettuce. I had their recommended spaghetti but I couldn’t even have 5 bites of it,. I was so stuffed already! Their portions are huge and let’s face it, Italians can EAT! I …have sadly had a shrunken stomach and got full very fast…but that didn’t stop me for dessert! I grabbed a biscuit filled with ganache…that was the perfect cherry on top!

-How would you rate the taste of your meal:
100% perfectly authentic Italian food….unlike other “Italian” labelled restaurants here LOL 10 out of 10!

-Please rate your visit on value for the money:
I believe it was an on average, especially for being in The Dubai Mall. Approx 150 for 2 people. But, please don’t quote me on that…

It was upbeat, exciting and very interested to look around at everything..

The service was great. They were all very courteous  ;) They even had these Italian quotes…after delivering each plate :P

 -What to order:
Without a doubt, you have to try their pancakes!

What I loved:

I recommend this location for family, friends and all of the above!

Have a perfectly Sassy day everyone!


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#Tweezerman #Review #Eyebrow Kit @TweezermanME



This has got to be the most cutest, most perfectEST brow kit EVER!
The only thing missing, sadly, is the brow pencil…I thought it came with the brow pencil, but that is actually the highlighter! more on that in a sec.

This would actually be the best mini kit for anyone that HAS BROWS lol but for me, I have to pencil them in on the end…hence I’m thinking about tattoed eyebrows! Shh don’t tell.

Anyways, this kit includes a perfect highlighter for under the brow, tweezers (of course!), gel and a brush! It’s so frickin’ cute!! and it comes in this mini case that is perfect for traveling – I just love it!

I am currently using their tweezers and the quality is works wonders…I think I am tweezing more than I can afford to haha

Thanks Tweezerman for making such a perfectly cute brow kit!


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