#GRWM…yesterday! My #Review on a few #Beauty Products

Yesterday as I was getting ready I thought I would review some products.


This 3D mascara is from Paula Ligregni from Younique. Firbe mascara has been around for a while and this is the second time that I have tried it. Both times though, I get fibre pieces in my eyes and when I asked around if others get that, they all said no. So, I am sure I am doin it wrong! However the results are fantastic AND my eyelashes look beautiful this morning too!!! The volume and length is incredible; compared to any mascara out there that I have tried. The results are phenomenal for 2 days straight!


1st deal from Paula to you:
Anyone that mentions SASSY SALLY to will receive a FREE mineral pigment powder with any purchase.

2nd deal from Paula to you:
Anyone who spends $50 or more gets to choose a free item from BAG A.
Anyone who spends $100 or more gets to choose a free item from BAG A & B!
Please add Paula to your Facebook friends list to see the different product promotions she has on.


This review is on PinkyParadise.com. If you click the link and buy something from that unique link, all you have to do is mention to them SASSYSALLY and you will receive 10% off and a SURPRISE GIFT!

This review I wanted to enhance my green color, but it didn’t come out to well, now did it? LOL I think I will use these contact lenses for Halloween! The rim on them gives a bit of a spooky touch too it and would be perfect for a unique costume.

The lenses are super easy to apply, be careful when opening the black case. Follow the “pulling” instructions, because you can hurt yourself opening the mini container.

Overall, PinkyParadise.com is my #1 go-to place for contact lenses – aways has been and always will xoxox


MOTD was under eye concealer TOO FACED– which is FABULOUS for camera ready photos!!!! I never ever wore concealer before and this is and always will be the one I opt for. I’ve tried many brands before, but this one is just so easy to use and the product blends and goes very well on your skin – ahhmazinig!

I have reviewed this Aneley Cosmetics palette before – love the purple in it!

THIS LIPSTICK!!! I got complimented on it alllll day!!! It’s a matte colour that STAYS ON! and it’s soooo easy to wash off! (I used eye makeup removed by Mary Kay from Margaret.)
This lipstick is by ESSENCE and I even love their lip-glosses, too!


OOTD: Comfy, casual and super cheap!! Try WISH app. Just search it in your App Store.


I’m finishing off the day that I had a client at Marisa’s Esthetics. She loved her nails and I am taking bookings for local or Durham Region!
Follow me on SnapChat: sassysally26

Lots of love,



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#TasteOfDurham #DurhamRegion #DurhamAdvertising #TasteofDurhamMINIMALL #Durham

13254174_1070032436402400_8909609622027922378_n 13260059_1070032989735678_4769148160152598683_n

They’re still accepting a few more business to run in their June Edition for our #TasteofDurham Magazine.
10,000 will be in distribution in the #DurhamRegion to homes and apartments. You can get an add starting as low as $155, plus we are doing the creative part for free but only for a limited time. Also you get a free vendor booth at one of their upcoming events, like Food Festival! Send them a msg if you would like more info or to sign up!
Taste of Durham
Taste of Durham MINI MALL
Taste Of Durham Magazine

I am so thankful to  be chosen as the face of “Taste of Durham” magazine!



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#GoldbergCentreMedicalSpa in #Scarborough #ScarboroughEvents #ScarboroughBeauty

spaevent (1)

On Thursday, May 26th from 1 – 7 pm in #Scarborough, there will be a #ScarboroughEvent at #GoldbergCentreMedicalSpa for #ScarboroughWomen. This event will have product/service presentations, exclusive deals, live injection demos (with me as their model), giveaways and so much more!

Yes, this isn’t the first time for me to receive this type of service. If you have been following me from Dubai, I have had this done quite a few times.

If we haven’t met, come on down and meet me! I don’t know anyone from Scarborough and would love to meet some of my local followers. I’ve seen many sign up in the Toronto and Durham Region and it would be nice to put a face to some of this emails/comments on my social media platforms.

Additionally, you could win a $3000 non surgical face lift!! So, what are you waiting for??

For more info, contact:
Andrea Sheppard
Medical Spa Coordinator
Goldberg Medical Spa

Hope to see you there,


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#Review on #Younique #Maskeraide #Pixi #GreenTangerine #OGX & #BathBomb’s by #SassySally


So, last night I had a beauty relaxation time – something I should be doing more often and getting off my computer!! Anyways, I reviewed all of the products about and can’t wait to let you all know the deets…

Younique, we’ve all heard of it – right? Well this self tanner is from Ashley Wallace. I purchased this item on Facebook with her through PayPal, so I give her 100% for a trustworthy state (if you’re ever concerned with purchasing online).


You can eve host your own online party with her and earn free products, if any of your friends support the cause. Ashley is great and such a sweetheart, definitely talk to her if you are interested in Younique products.
**I would just like to point out that I am a supporter for MLM companies. (I run 3 myself). When a brand comes to me, I usually stick with the first person and support them until the very end. However, I had a second Youniquer come to me to review their 3D mascara and because I have been so busy lately, I felt like I am contradicting the other. So, I do promote to girls from Younique, but I will keep them separate.

On to the review of this self tanner!
I ONLY used a tiny sprays, because I had to rub it in with my hands, but overall I am impressed. It is pretty liquid-y compared to other at-home self tanners. I didn’t think I would get any color at all or it would be cheap-like <–honest opinion!
Thankfully, it turned out to be a natural and subtle gorgeous sun-kissed look! No orange AT ALL. No streaks AT ALL. I did exfoliate my skin prior to the application and I even exfoliated my face. I have a slight problem with anything to do with microdermabrasion on my face, I have thin skin, so after exfoliation, it was a bit red and when I sprayed the tanner on my face (rubbed it all in evenly), I did go red. But, don’t worry if you think this will effect you. I get red after any irritation on my face. The redness did subside and I waited to see the color the following day – and voila! I’m impressed. Beautiful, streak-free, orange-free color! Younique should have more recognition than what they do have.
(I’m also impressed with their 3D mascara – but more on that later!)

Green Tangerine (hand crafted in Hampton, Ontario) is by Angela Spires. This body scrub is AHHMAZING! It was thick, soo thick that is just melted onto my skin. It is a brown sugar scrub and wow did it ever feel amazing on my skin. I even used it to scrub the bottoms of my feet and after letting my feet soak in it for a tiny bit, my dead skin lifted easily for me to scrub off. My skin felt irristably smooth after. Another brand that needs to be heard! 10/10 for the body scrub!!

Maskeraide was a bit of a challenge, it’s good to relax, but with me – I’m impatient! I used it only once and I didn’t really see too much of a difference. They are gel, so yes, my under eyes feel a bit more hydrated, but over – like someone mentioned on my Instagram post, you may need to use this more than once to see dramatic results. It also says to use it for 15-30 minutes. I only used it for abut 10-15 minutes.

Next I used the OGX curling shampoo. I left my hair fully natural without any other product, to get a complete overall view.
13220087_956305961154685_1053995298_n 13228161_956305877821360_252771309_n
There is no other product in my hair and after one use, it’s not bad at alll! My hair is very hydrated, soft and curly! Well, wavy, it’s not magic, but it did a pretty good job. I thought that the conditioner wasn’t enough, it didn’t feel like it would work, but it did the job and my hair is knot-free. It looks like gorgeous beach-y waves. The picture may not be perfect, but take my word for it.

Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser smelt, felt and did the job like a mud mask, although it was softer and smoother (no rocky bits). It was a cleanser not a mask, so  I used it twice because it kind of melted away on my skin. I thoroughly massaged the cleanser in my problem areas, just like a mud mask, I wanted it to remove my blackheads – it didn’t fully remove (we all have those stubborn deep ones!), but it truly and deeply cleansed my skin.
(That’s when I used the facial scrub and the self tanner – hence the beautiful sun-kissed glow, on a perfectly cleansed skin!)

….and the pink bath bomb! I actually got this from the FabFitFun box and I can’t remember the brand (I gave the rest to my mother). But, I am sure any bath bomb, especially Lush, is great. They just make your skin so soft and fresh after your bath – even this morning-I am still feeling great skin! The smell still lingers on me, too! This one was called Love Potion Jasmine, Rose and Sandalwood Essential Oil Blend.

…and that’s it! 5 down ladies 45 more reviews to go. LOL

Lots of love and stay pampered!



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Need Online #Promotions? #OnlinePromoter #Blogger #BrandRecognition

13235881_955809794537635_2066660630_n twitter_logo_pink_reasonably_small facebooklogo__bev instagram

  1. I can post your brand/company/product/restaurant/clinic/spa (whatever it may be) on Instagram. One single post (this covers twitter, Facebook and about 5 pages) or per week with daily postings. So, 7 links X 5 days (or more).

2) If you want to be on my blog, I have guest posts available as well as monthly packages. I currently have almost 1.8 million views. The monthly package comes with unlimited blog posts (however, I do not want to send out the same thing every day, the news will have to change <giveaways, deals/promos, or product images). All stats can be provided to you. I do not promise sales, but what I do promise is that my blog posts stay on Google forever. So, if anyone was to search it, my post will always come up, even years from now. I use key words that will help in Google searches, etc. My blog posts do go on several accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as 5+ pages.

So, if you want Instagram as well, it’s separate.

I am keeping my old prices up until June. I will never change your budget. Once set, always set (unless more is needed). I just became the face of “Taste of Durham” magazine. All my details will be in each and every magazine, including my website links & ads I wish to put on for that given feature. This is distributed to 10,000 homes in the Durham Region, so after a couple weeks, my prices will increase. I will , from time to time, use my clients for new features in the magazine. I can provide you a copy of the magazine.

I am also a Social Media Administrator & Product Reviewer.
I allow sponsored competitions or giveaways on all my accounts, free of charge.

For more information, email me at sallygrayj@gmail.com.


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Many thanks to #TanyaCoffey at #AllForYouServices in the #DurhamRegion!

Many thanks to Tanya Coffey for connecting me with Taste of Durham Magazine. Because of her, I am now THE FACE of the magazine! I will be on the cover of their magazines every 3 month of distributions with my half page article. I am more than thrilled and it is Tanya that I have to thank.


Tanya is the owner and creator of Durham’s number one ‘All For You Services‘, which provides Photography, Photo-Booth, Event Planning, Stationary, Advertising Services for affordable rates.


At All For You Services “The Possibilities are Endless”!


I am more thank thankful to have met and teamed up with this amazing company!


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#GenBeauty #TorontoEvent with #Ipsy – what an amazing #BeautyEvent! @ssssamanthaamua

What an amazing and super spoil-ation at this event!! For my picture diary on the whole journey, click here.

13062314_954614657990482_5119097912060928342_n 13165827_954008121384469_3953374088759197823_n 13177863_954134091371872_7705605753778624573_n 13178041_954037354714879_5957007388562169496_n 13227944_955150501270231_1008970619_n 13227971_955150461270235_1279712866_n 13233278_955150474603567_2134405536_n 13235739_955150484603566_774843281_n 13237661_954144574704157_5659860602101671885_n 13238899_954101674708447_5599094691934981284_n 13241327_955153007936647_7594747277344104873_n 13244869_954144384704176_6470315835605438876_n 13256331_954625377989410_1949809627362062338_n13092156_954202281365053_7015948368625637521_n

This event was held at Metro Toronto Convention Centre and it was HUGE. Some line ups for the freebies that came with our tickets would last 45 minutes to 2 hours! It was INSANE.

Overall, it was a great experience. I got to meet some new makeup and skincare brands. Sadly, Caudalie skincare was out of samples for 2 days – so most of us didn’t get to indulge in their freebie. Smashbox was insanely busy that their line up was over 2 hours long! There was, however, one brand that I was not pleased with their service. They were sassily rude and I won’t even give them the shoutout for a exposure at all. You all know me and how kind and friendly I am. I just think that if you don’t like the field you are in, please remove yourself from it, because others have to experience your irritable and agitated demeanor and it was all over an eye shadow brush. Put a smile on your face, do your job, or get the hell out. That’s what I think anyways! She was not a nice character. Anywho’s!

I can’t wait to send you all the makeup reviews, some local giveaways and more news to come very soon! I again, want to apologize, as I will be sending out 5 blog posts a day to get caught up on my posts. My apologies ladies! But, good news is yet to come so you can all win some GOODIES!!!

Ciao for now xo

P.S. I got to meet @ssssamanthaa! She’s super cool – just like her videos. #REAL 😉



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#dubaicompetition #dubaiwin #dubaigiveaway #dubaicontest #ArabianBubbleCelebration #dubaievent #DubaiWorldTradeCentre

#dubaicompetition #dubaiwin #dubaigiveaway #dubaicontest
Arabian Bubble Celebration is a #dubaievent for the entire family, it will be held at #DubaiWorldTradeCentre with 12 shows from May 19th to 21st .

The show will feature Guinness record holders MELODY YANG and DENI YANG, the Broadway specialists for the first time in #Dubai with spectacular and mind blowing visual spectacles. One could certainly look forward to performances featuring laser and 3D effects in a 70 minute show guaranteed to leave every member of the audience in awe.
To win, all you have to do is answer:

1. Comment the name of the artists who will be featured at the Arabian Bubble Show?

2. Repost using #repostapp or share on Facebook.
3. Follow my Instagram account.
The tickets can be collected from the office in Dubai.
Good luck! #sassysallygiveaway #sallysallygiveaways #sassybubblegiveaway

#ABCinDubai #ABCD



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Congratulations to #TanyaCoffey for winning @PinkyParadise2u #ColoredLenses #Worldwide #Giveaway!!

Congratulations to #TanyaCoffey for winning the @PinkyParadise2u #ColoredLenses #Worldwide #Giveaway!!


Click here to view this on Instagram.



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#OshawaEvents #OshawaLadiesNight #OshawaOpenHouse #MarisasEsthetics #Oshawa #SassySally #OshawaBeauty


Marisa’s Esthetics is located across from Oshawa Centre.


Also included, that is not on the menu above, is ear piercing and $20 nails done BY ME! Yes, I am back doing nails and I offer gel, acrylic and fiberglass nails 😀
To book an appointment with me, contact me on Facebook.
To book for any other spa services, contact Marisa at 289-928-0876.
We hold events and open houses at the spa with regards to LOVEWINX and spa parties.
(From time to time, we include other vendors as well.)

The spa also carries LOVEWINX beauty products on site.



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