#RobertoCavalli #Signature (AED 465) #MyDubai #DubaiBeauty

#RobertoCavalli #Signature (AED 465)


“I have a woman in mind when I design: she is a positive person, cheerful, joyful and confident, has glamour in her veins, is a master of her own destiny.

I love women who are independent and free, strong willed and stubborn. A strong personality is the sexiest thing to me”

-Roberto Cavalli

 The Roberto Cavalli perfume belongs to the ambery floral family. It is an exuberant and sunny fragrance whose top notes, lit by pink peppers, exude a genuine strength of character. Vibrant and sensual, it exhilarates and mesmerises from the very first contact.

 At the heart of the Roberto Cavalli perfume one finds all the majesty of the absolute of orange blossom. It is a colour as much as a scent that reveals an ultra-feminine trail and leaves no-one indifferent.

 This sensuality finally wraps itself into the captivating base notes of the Tonka bean that leaves an appetizing imprint on the skin… essentially addictive.

 Louise Turner, perfumer at Givaudan, created the Roberto Cavalli signature fragrance.


 Price List : AED465 100ML, AED375 50ML

Point of Sale : Wojooh, Sephora, Debenhams, Areej, Paris Gallery



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@ShiseidoME’s #Ibuki Multi-Solution Gel – A Rescue for Skin Emergencies! #Shiseido #ShiseidoME #DubaiBeauty


@ShiseidoME’s #Ibuki Multi-Solution Gel – A Rescue for Skin Emergencies!
#Shiseido #ShiseidoME #DubaiBeauty


A multi-purpose gel for skin emergencies, that can be used whenever and wherever it’s needed to rescue skin from damage. The Multi solution Gel rescues skin from multiple concerns that appear due to stress and lifestyle habits. Its unique skin comforting texture adheres well to problem areas, even over makeup, to deliver effective ingredients, such as, Phyto-Target Complex, to quickly repair skin damage and breakouts.

Price: AED 213


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#Review #CK #CalvinKlein #Reveal #ForHim #Cologne #EauDeToilette




Another fabulous cologne by Calvin Klein! Seriously. This one is like a fruity, manly scent and ladies, you will love it ;)


Yes, this is a very sexy scent with a masculine edition for his new line, this fragrance is announced as fresh and unique.
Reveal Men Calvin Klein epitomizes the uncompromisingly masculine and bold attitude of the modern man… to men who want to intrigue, challenge and seduce…..and seduce it will. This cologne is so enticing women, you will be smelling your man all night long :P
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#WowByWojooh Master #Eyebrow – #EyebrowCreationKit (AED110) #WojoohBeauty @WojoohBeauty


SAR 110 – AED 110 – QAR 110 – BHD 11,30 – LBP 49,500


 THE PRODUCT / المنتج

 Master Brow – Eyebrow Creation Kit is your essential go-to for the perfect brows.

The kit includes a soft nonstick wax and 3 natural shades of light airy powders to mix and match to find the perfect brow color. 

 .مثاليّين حاجبين على للحصول الأساسيّ مستحضرك هو Master Brow - الحواجب تحديد لوحة

.لحاجبيك المثاليّ اللون فتجدي تمزجيها لكي الخفيفة البودرة من طبيعيّة تدرّجات 3و لاصقة وغير ناعمة شمعيّة تركيبة الطقم يشمل

securedownload (7)

THE RESULT / النتيجة

Thanks to the lightweight wax, the soft velvety powders perfectly adhere to create beautiful contoured brows in any brow style to frame your beautiful face. Layer the buildable coverage for a natural to bold effect. 

.وجهك بشكل يليق الذي أسلوبهما كان مهما لحاجبيك جميلاً رسماً فتمنحك الشعيرات على تماماً الناعمة المخملية البودرة تلتصق ،الوزن خفيفة الشمعيّة التركيبة بفضل

.جريئة أو طبيعيّة نتيجة على تحصلي لكي التغطية هذه من طبقات عدّة ضعي


 Just the right set to set your brows right. Time to raise your brows to perfection! 

!الكمال إلى حاجبيك ترفعي لكي الوقت حان .مثاليّين لحاجبين المثالية العدّة إنّها

Price: AED110

Point of Sale: Exclusively available at Wojooh

 Wojooh, formerly known as Faces, is the Middle East’s preferred beauty retailer having over 70 stores across 10 countries in the region.

Wojooh is the Middle East reference, sharing your love of beauty.


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#FERREBLACK #Cologne #DubaiMen #MyDubai

securedownload (5)

World renowned designer, Gianfranco Ferre presents to you his newest fragrance, Ferre Black for Men.

The Ferre Black man plays between the boundaries of modern and classic.

He is one who is used to the finer things in life.

There is something in him that he does not reveal, a secret personality which makes him irresistible.

He is captivating, introspective, secret.

He is the man in Black.

 securedownload (6)


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#DubaiSun #DubaiBeauty by #Lancaster #LancasterME




 securedownload (2) securedownload (3) 

The sun is back, and with it the irresistible desire for warmth, time to relax in the sun and get a Lancaster tan!

For a whole year, we have dreamed of this – a golden tan, not too dark, not too pink, easily recognizable by all, that makes us feel more beautiful than ever.

For more than 40 years, it has been the Lancaster mantra: tanned skin, golden skin, perfectly protected with specifically adapted sun care! And for that we give thanks.

 securedownload (4) 

Price list:

Oil Fast Tan Optimizer 150ml: AED150

Tan Deepener 150ml: AED150

 Point of Sale:

Wojooh, Sephora, Paris Gallery, Debenhams and Vavavoom

 Available starting April


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The winner with @centroSharjah #CentroSharjah is…



Please send me a DM on Instagram to claim your prize!


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#FERRE #INTHEMOODFORLOVE – #Gianfranco #GianfrancoFerre #perfume #fragrance #dubaiBeauty #MyDubai



Love is the biggest and most universal emotion, it’s the emotion that drives the world.

Love is passionate, addictive, romantic.

Love is forever.

securedownload (1)

Ferre’s In the Mood for Love embodies love at first sight, the twinkle in the eyes, and the heart as it throbs with madness of love.

Its notes are sensual, deep, and intense.

It is an instant that lasts an eternity.


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Lasting Finish 25HR Powder (AED49) & Primer (AED35) #Rimmel #RimmelME #DubaiBeauty

securedownload (2)




 Rimmel brings you its foundation revolution. Finally one convenient product that helps build coverage day through to night and beyond!

Presenting Rimmel’s new Lasting Finish 25HR Dual Finish Powder, the one festival essential you can’t leave behind! This makeup must have is all your foundation wishes in one!

securedownload (5)

Get buildable coverage with this ultra-lightweight dual wear powder, for continuous flawless skin!

 securedownload (4)


 Rimmel knows how to keep your look in place from dawn to dusk with the launch of their new Lasting Finish Primer

 Introducing the latest Rimmel product to maximise your look … with an extra 8 hours of makeup wear…

New Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer! As part of the Lasting Finish skin makeup routine, this primer is the best way to prepare your skin!  Prime yourself to perfection for those all-important festivals and create an everlasting finish!

securedownload (3)Create a flawless canvas for easy makeup application with Lasting Finish Primer, containing a skin perfecting magic formula!

Point of Sale: Lifestyle, Max, Boots, Carrefour
Price:  49AED (Powder) and 35AED (Primer)


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#Review #UNEmakeup #natural #mascara & #eyeliner



Natural makeup is basically going to take over one day..I can feel it.

This mascara is a light weight, light pop to your eyes.
It has two different sides of the brush; one side has less and short feathers to reach the roots of the lashes and then comb them trough  to the top. The other side of the brush looks like a normal petite comb to separate the lashes and achieve a more defined and voluminous look.  It doesn’t flake and it lasts up to 16 hours. As for volume, my honest opinion – I didn’t see that, but it’s still a great mascara and I will probably be mixing this one up with several coats of other mascaras, because it does spread out the lashes beautifully.

The eyeliner is very smooth and glides on easily, it’s a bit of a thicker winged liner, but still works amazing, especially for us who still have trouble perfectly the actual look! :P
The liner is blend of ecological jojoba-oil and beeswax and it’s made of that way that you can decide how intense you want the liner , you can even smudge it out with the fingertips for a smokey effect.




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