20 Winners with Healthy-Finds.com!

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Some information about Healthy Finds:

Launched a couple of weeks ago, the idea behind Healthy Finds is that they’re literally thousands of cutting edge natural health brands out there run by people who are passionate about creating the most healthy version possible of their product. Most people interested in natural health will have never heard of these brands. Most so called health brands are run by big corporations that’s main goal is to add certain buzzwords to their packaging at the lowest possible cost. Not these brands. They cut no corners and produce the purest, highest quality products in their categories. They only work with brands that are approved by their wellness team, run by Dr. Andrew Campbell.

The service only costs $7 per month, but provides hundreds of dollars in savings on the healthiest brands online as well as wellness information.

Members will also receive a free phone consultation with one of their wellness advisers and be able to ask their wellness team any questions that you may have.

Once you  become a member, you’re entitled to get a $10 gift card for every $50 you spend on any of the brands they work with — no matter where you shop. It could be Amazon, Target, GNC or anywhere else the products are sold. You can read more info here.They also provide members with exclusive special offers from the brands they work with here. You can also earn chances to get $20 in gift cards when you buy specific products like here or here.

In a given month, members can earn hundreds of dollars in savings and access to tons of health and wellness information for only $7!

That all said, would you like a $10 gift card to Healthy Finds?
Enter this rafflecopter giveaway here.
I will be choosing 20 winners. Good luck!



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