I’m an official distributor for 1FashionGlobal!

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Hello everyone !

As you know the official launch of the company will be April 30!

That leaves 10 little days before you guys can place orders in your e-shop but only 9 days (April 29) regarding free back office as later it will be € 19.90 / year for people registration (which is very cheap considering all the benefits that entails).

It is now or never to be SUUUPEEER motivated and recruit as many people as we can under your belt! (Commission and earn $$)

Do not hesitate to ask around you, friends, family, colleagues .. Tell them that you discovered a great opportunity and that it could interest them 🙂
Contact people even companies on various social networks; to distribute small flyers, photos of clothing (Download photos: http://bit.ly/1SZsthI), as well as show or send the official PDF (important to explain the compensation plan).

I can understand that it may take a little time to do it all, but if you spend 1 hour or 2 a day (ex: in all the little moments of inactivity .. on the bus / train / subway etc.) it can go very fast.

There are more than 55 500 people who joined the company around the world when it is just beginning! 55,500 people who trust 1 FASHIONGLOBAL, it is not nothing! Motivated to make this number even higher?

D-10! LET’S GO ! 👠💪🏽
Good luck everyone !





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