5 Tips to getting ready for a date night

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5 Tips to getting ready for a date night

Date nights can cause a lot of anxiety, especially if it’s the first date. Whether you are a man or a woman attending a date night, your overall presentation is important among many other factors. Wanting to prove to the other person that you are a perfect match can be overwhelming, mostly since you are not sure of how the date will end. If you are not ready or sure of how to go about your date night, here are a few tips to get you started.

Plan early

A date night offers you an opportunity to look your best and be yourself. Prepare early for any beauty sessions that you might need. If you have to shave, go for manicures, pedicures or facial, make an appointment with your salon. Avoid last-minute rushes which might not give you ample time to work on your appearance.

Although it might be tricky to know the plans of the other person, especially in dinner date cases, it is wise that you find out the location of the venue and make early reservations. This prevents any chances of you being stranded as you wait for your date to show up or for a table to be available. After completing and ensuring that all is set, it is only then that you can focus on grooming yourself.

Properly groom yourself

Grooming involves your attire for the night, makeup, hair and even shoes. The outfit is all dependent on where you will be going on the date. Pick an outfit that suits you and is comfortable to walk around or dance, and make an extra effort to look more appealing. When doing makeup, always limit the amount of makeup that you wear so as not to look as if you are attending a masquerade.

A bit of lip gloss to add shine to your lips and mascara should be fine. If you have time to rush to the bathroom, take a bath with a shampoo that has a mild fragrance. Brush your teeth well to avoid any mouth odor.

Special occasions might require the wearing of high heels, but limit the heels. Select shoes with comfortable heels that will not leave your feet in pain after the date. Make your look simple and elegant with a show of confidence in yourself.

Smell nice

Pick out a perfume with a mild fragrance that smells sweet and isn’t noxious. Perfumes like pheromone perfume for women that have an alluring effect on men’s pheromones are a great choice. They are not too strong and can work with most men. You won’t have to worry about offending someone’s tastes, especially if it’s someone new.

Reduce any pressure and relax

Date nights are supposed to be fun with moments where you get to know more about the other person. Take a final look at yourself before leaving and calm down. Being nervous during a date night might ruin the date and not give you time to enjoy.

Carry some cash

Having some money with you is recommended just in case things don’t work out as planned. Ensure that your credit cards are working well.

Always plan yourself well when attending a date night. You can also carry a charger, breath mint, pads, condoms among other items that you feel you might need. Walk out and enjoy the night.


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