5 Tips to melting excess fat off your body

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5 Tips to melting excess fat off your body

You may have made the decision to live a healthy lifestyle this yourself still having that unwanted pounds. You are not a good lone. There are many people who are still driven crazy by the excess fat their bodies have.

Even people who exercise regularly or watch their calorie intake also suffer from such problems. Some may still have love handles while others still cannot get rid of their flabby arms.

The good news is that it is possible. That ripped body can still be reached as long as you are consistent with working out. To speed up the process of shedding those excess fats, read the following tips and incorporate them into your habits.

  1. Change your lifestyle – here’s thing. It’s not just one thing that will make you fit. You can’t just exercise but not do something about your calorie intake. To be healthier, you really need to change your lifestyle.Do your research and find out what you need to do, especially if there are specific areas in your body that you would like to target. Make the commitment to change. You may have to make certain sacrifices to achieve your goal.
  2. Gradually reduce your calorie intake – here’s something you should know. It’s not a good idea to suddenly decrease the number of calories you eat per day. It’s not necessary to starve yourself or skip full meals. The problem with that kind of practice is that your body will think that it is starving, and the result of that is that your body’s metabolism slows down, making your effort futile. Turn your attention to eating healthy food and if you choose to reduce calorie intake, do it gradually, continually decreasing every two weeks until your body can adjust.
  3. Do HIIT – if you’re used to doing just cardio for exercise, you need to know that cardio exercises alone cannot reduce the fat in your body. One type of exercise proven to be effective is the High-Intensity Intervals Training. This is a type of workout where you alternate intense exercises with rest. Make sure that you also do strength training, as the more muscles you build, the more calories you actually burn every day.
  4. Do a high protein diet – one trick to gaining more muscle is increasing the protein in your diet. But did you know that it can also promote fat loss? Something happens to the brain when you consume protein. The peptide YY production increases, and this actually curbs the hunger pangs that you may have as the brain tells your body it is no longer hungry.
  5. Go for treatment that targets specific areas in your body – If you’ve tried a lot of the tips already but you never seem to lose that fat, it would be a good idea to go for treatment. A Physician Skincare Center, you can avail of the Coolsculpt, a nonsurgical process that targets stubborn areas in your body.

  • Jessey


    Don’t get discouraged if it looks like you are getting bigger when upping your protein. You are but it’s temporary!

    • Sally Yahoo

      thanks Jessey! <3 xoxox

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