5 Tips to taking care of acne!

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5 Tips to taking care of acne

The skin comes into contact with various things that can be harmful due to it causing skin ailments. Apart from germs and chemicals, dust and pollen can also cause an allergic reaction which affects the skin. People with oily skin are prone to acne and tend to suffer from it. Acne damages the skin leaving spots that only fades gradually and it leaves permanent spots most of the time.

The aftermath usually leaves the person with a low self-esteem as a result of their appearance. Both for those who don’t suffer from acne as well as those with acne, proper care and maintenance of the skin is very important. For those suffering from acne, they can still treat and reduce its effect on their overall look using the following tips.

Stop popping pimples

No one is new to the fact that pimples tend to make you feel uncomfortable. Because of this, many people are normally tempted to and end up picking on them. Picking of pimples also called popping often affects the affected area more, causing more redness and swelling of the skin. Sometimes it leaves small wounds which are more difficult to treat and heal. In the case that a pimple appears, don’t pop it. You can also get in touch with a dermatologist if more pimples appear and the condition keeps on worsening.

Use a Serum and Cleanser

Different beauty products like serums and cleansers especially those that are oil-based provide great results when used for acne treatment. They remove natural oils from the skin, leaving it moisturized.  Products like Acenzine are specially formulated to fight and treat acne. Mommys review gives an in-depth detail of Acenzine and the desired results that you can achieve. The serums should be applied after cleansing with special attention to the eyes and mouth. The right products will reduce oil production, redness and skin inflammation which further cause irritation and skin damage.

Wash away oils

Washing away the oils is a great way to reduce the spread of acne. However, ensure that your skin isn’t too dry since it leads to skin irritation and the formation of flakes. Wash your face twice every day using mild natural soaps made from plant materials such as green tea, aloe vera or olive. Avoid scrubbing your face and instead massage your face in circular motions to allow blood circulation.

Ice the pimples

If you see a new pimple forming, place an ice cube on it for a minute or two to reduce skin inflammation, redness, and swelling. The cold effect also ensures that a pimple has lower chances of survival and will therefore not grow into a pimple.  

Protect your skin

Always avoid exposure to extreme temperatures from the sun which worsens an acne condition. The sun will also tan the skin which increases the formation of wrinkles and skin conditions such as skin cancer which is difficult to treat.

Avoid contact with oily hands

Oil accumulates on the skin and touching your face with oily hands exposes it to bacteria which might cause inflammation. Always wash your hands before touching or applying any product or makeup on your face.

Skin that is susceptible to acne should be well maintained. If possible, get in touch with a dermatologist who will determine the best regimen according to your skin type.


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