8 Things To Do To Ensure A Perfect Move This Year

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Most people fear the entire process of moving, especially for the first-timers. If you’re a perfectionist type of person, the relocation is undoubtedly stressful. Fortunately, despite your perfectionism, you can still make your moving a breeze if you follow this complete checklist.

If you have an upcoming relocation in any parts of the world, here are the eight things you need to do to ensure a perfect move this year.

1.Create a good plan

To have a successful move this year, review your calendar and think about how much time you have before your final move-in date. Plan your relocation in advance by dividing your tasks into smaller parts. By doing this, you’ll allow yourself to be ready for the stressful days and get specific tasks completed ahead of time.

2.Set up your moving budget

In addition to your moving plan, it’s also essential to make a realistic budget that covers your move. Your budget will determine how much money you can afford to make the process faster, smoother, and perfect. Below are the things you may have to include in your budget:

Moving company fees
Extra services whenever you have special items like a pool table or piano to move
Additional insurance coverage which depends on the value of your inventory
Contingency fees that will shoulder any emergency

3.Pare down your possessions

Before you start packing, it’s a perfect time to sort through all your things and segregate those items which you no longer use or want in the future. Find time to purge your stuff to make sure your relocation will be much easier, and your new home will not be filled with piles of boxes. To get rid of the unnecessary or unwanted stuff, organize a garage sale or donate some items to a local charity near you.

4.Prepare the exact number of moving supplies you’ll need

Now that you’re done with decluttering, it’s best to determine the number of supplies you may need for the packing process. When it comes to your moving boxes, choose the high-quality and durable ones. If you want to be thrifty, find free boxes from some grocery and clothing stores nearby. Doing so can help you save a little more cash. Aside from the boxes, be sure to get hold of some materials such as packing tapes, markers, sheets, and bubble wraps.

5.Pack perfectly

No doubt that packing for your move isn’t easy. However, with proper strategy and preparation, the entire packing process will go smoothly. From your clothes to your fragile and bulky items, you have to box them strategically and safely and make sure everything is in order before the moving day. Use the appropriate packing materials to keep your belongings safe and intact throughout the transit. After placing all of your things in their respective boxes, label them accordingly by using markers or colored tapes. Don’t forget to include a description of the contents inside the box to avoid getting them misplaced upon your arrival.

6.Hire a professional moving company

If you’re moving to or from New York City, hiring an experienced moving company NYC can be a perfect option. To make sure you’re using a reliable moving service, take a look at your prospective companies’ license, insurance coverage, and other vital factors. You can do it by checking the price estimates on the spot and comparing prices, reading reviews, and seeking out for recommendations. If you want to take the stress out from yourself and make your move perfect, be sure to hire reliable, licensed, and insured movers ahead of time.

7.Pack a first-night moving box

Most people overlook this task and end up looking at every box to get their chargers or the coffee maker. To avoid this problem, it’s a good idea to pack a first night box which includes some clothes, toiletries, kitchen wares, and anything that you need the next day. Be sure to keep this box on your side, so that it’ll not be misplaced once you arrive at your new home.

8.Notify your utility service providers regarding the move

If you want to make the process of transferring your utilities much easier and faster, inform your utility companies ahead of time. This is to ensure you’ll have enough time to get your electricity, water, and cable connected to your new home. It’s a nice feeling arriving at your new house with everything up and running.

Final Thoughts

Having these tips in mind, you can absolutely enjoy a perfect moving experience this year. If you’re preparing for an upcoming move with your family, use the things mentioned in this article, alongside the help of professionals like Movers NYC to guide you in making every aspect of the relocation seamless and less stressful.


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