#Ancestry #Review PART 2 – My True Nationality!!!

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I finally got my results back from #ancestrydnakit #AncestryDNA #ancestry!! And would you lookat that!! I always wanted to be italian and I am!! 6% wop!!😂😂😂
33% Irish
23% Scandinavian
21% france/Switzerland
8% Iberian (Spain!)
6% italian
3% wast Europe which looks like ukrainian/Romanian
3% which looks like Germany
2% Europe Jewish, looks like polish
1% Finland/Russian
#sallygray #sallyjoangray

My family truly thought they were Scottish, hence the last name as well, but Scandinavians are always mistaken by Scots, so it’s to truly know exactly who I am. Although I do not feel like a true European, I am still glad to know my roots/heritage.


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