#AtlantaVisionClinic saved me! I am still going strong with #Lasik in #Dubai.

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Exactly 6 months later, I am still 100% satisfied with my LASIK eye surgery and it’s all thanks to Dr. Farooq Ashraf from Atlanta Vision Clinic!

My surgery is below, click play if you want to see it in action!

I highly, 250, 000 % recommend this to anyone with a high vision like me!
You just don’t know the feeling to be able to wake up every day and not have to worry about
stumbling to get your contacts or glasses.

I can see! The burden is long gone…a 20+ year burden.

Thank you….again and again Dr Farooq Ashraf!

You can also fine him in the USA, click here to see their USA page.
Click here to find them in Dubai.

If you need anything at all, I am here.



  • Ng


    Hi Sally just wanted 2 ask did u get dry eyes??

    • Sassy Sally

      I got very minor dry eyes. I didnt have any problem at all. Only problem was the healing time. Im a sucker for pain though.

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