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2 days ago I had won pre-sale guest list tickets to the this MEDA KIDS SALE…and yes was it ever MEGA!! I loved it so much that I am planning on working with them in the future.

There were, from what I saw, about 10-20 people that had won tickets fore a preview the night before for about an hour to get first dips on whatever you wanted…and so I did!
Click here to see what I bought for amazing prices and deals!

Today they are only opened until 3pm so get on down there!!! However, they are opened for one more day and that’s tomorrow ONLY! Everything will be 50% off!
Click here to get their address on their Facebook page. Children’s Arena in Oshawa.

That’s not all…they bounce around (per season I believe-this is all new to me!) and they will be in Mississauga next at The Hershey Centre.

I know that they are also in Orleans and Kanata in Ottawa, but that’s just from searching them on Facebook – for complete details, please contact them on Facebook.

I CANNOT wait to work with them in the future….I mean…c’mon! Did you see that line up today!?

Stay sassy ladies!


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