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About a week ago, I had a BBQ lunch at Centro Sharjah with my girlfriends and it was so delicious and absolutely stunning with the weather and pool view. If you live in Sharjah, it’s worth heading on down during the week or on the weekends. For dinner, they have themed nights and I will be stopping by again for Italian night! I am sooo craving it right now.

The BBQ Lunch was actually really delicious! I had fish and wow was it ever made to perfection! I don’t think I have ever eaten such soft salmon before. It was so good that I recommended my friends to get it, too.

I recommend this hotel first and foremost because it’s beside Sharjah Airport, but also because it’s peaceful and relaxing.

I have been here before, returned and have plans to go back. It’s a lovely spot. It’s about 35 dhs from Buhairah Corniche to Sharjah Airport. So, you get the idea of the distance. It’s the only downfall, however it’s totally worth the drive.




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