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I had an amazing time at Chez Sushi yesterday. It’s been a very long time since I had some GOOD sushi and even Japanese goodness!


Firstly, I have missed wasabi for many many years. I dug right into that baby right away!! haha and of course these are the baby chopsticks  😀 I don’t need them, but my friend sure did 😛

image4  image2

These bean appetizers werre made to perfection, the flavoring/seasoning was so divinely delish! As for the drinks, they are organic and I would stop by just to gran a drink on my ride through Dubai – they are that good and super healthy!!


Some more amazing dishes to try are the shrimp spring rolls and breaded shrimp YUM

You won’t believe until you try it. The chef is amazing with these tasty sauces!

image7 image8

I haven’t had really good sushi in a very long time – so I dug in right away 😉

My favorite was the raw fish…but I was so stuffed that I couldn’t finish it. I will definitely be returning for some more – was it ever fresh and sooo soft!

image9 image10


Don’t forget to try the dumplings and the picture on the left was the chef’s creation. You can design any sushi you want and customize it to your own tongue. But, this one was just wayyy too good!   I don’t think I have ever had CHEESE sprinkled on sushi! Have you?



Then we had some chicken teriyaki. Again the sauces were just to good to be true!

image12  image14

Here we have KIT KAT chocolate in flavors that I have never even seen before. Funnily, my favorite one was wasabi chocolate LOL The yellow one is definitely not my favorite. I’m not really sure what flavor it was, but it’s wasn’t tasty 😛 I didn’t try the green tea chocolate, but I did try the strawberry and raspberry ones and those were super yummy!

image17 image18Lastly this was the ice cream – WOW! What an experience 😛

This ice cream is wrapped in a Japanese jelly dessert and the flavors of these ice creams was like BAM in your mouth – too good to go unnoticed. So, head on down to try yourself! It’s worth the experience. And, you don’t necessarily need to have raw sushi – there are plenty of cooked item on that menu.

-How would you rate the taste of your meal:
I would have to rate this Japanese food an 11/10. I have always been fond of Japanese food, especially considering that the flavors are just too amazing precise!

-Please rate your visit on value for the money:
It’s worth it! Just ask to try their sauces on the side. You will enjoy trying each and every one of them 🙂

Cozy, calm, but then again, we didn’t go during busy hours – apparently it gets jam packed in there.

Very friendly and they will explain everything to the core! If you have any questions at all – they are there like a Japanese encyclopedia 😉

 -What to order:
SUSHI – you can even create your own, but to be honest – everything is really great because they create their sauces from scratch and they are just too yummified.

What I loved:
I actually loved the raw sushi – it’s rare I ever get to eat that and it’s made perfect and 200% fresh. However, like I said above, everything is delicious because of their signature sauces.

I recommend this location for family, friends and all of the above! It’s an relaxed restaurant all ’round. You will be back after your first visit…without a doubt. :)



  • The Tezzy Files


    This looks so delish! Must check them out.

    • Sassy_Sally26

      Oh it was soooo yummy! You will love it x 🙂

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