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I haven’t written a review in quite some time, so I thought I would share this super cute website I found online. SincerelySilverCo has really adorable finds.

This necklace came with their own cursive font – “Karen” 🙄 of course 😂

I haven’t taken it out of its package yet, because I want to be able to save it for when Kay can actually wear it without ruining it. Although it’s super cute for me to wear as well. Seeing as this name is meaningful for two reasons. My mother who passed away 3 months before conceiving my daughter, who I then named after my mom. Well to be honest, I didn’t name her. My fiancé takes full credit for that. Her entire name is super meaningful actually.

SincerelySilverCo also has a wide range of jewelry to choose from. They have bracelets and rings – of which, they can personalize, too!

All in all, if you want the “Carrie Bradshaw” necklace – then you’ve come to the right place!

Check them out here

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