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I recently got this sent to me and I couldn’t stop thinking how scary this blade-type thing was until I actually tried it.

I started to watch videos on it and realized how much junk you actually can get off your face and most importantly, it helps with products in actually working because all that scud is off your face.

So, I took the time to scrap my face off…


….but I had realized that I do take care of my skin, far too much, because nothing was coming off when I was scraping. I believe this is for beginners or for those with severe acne and blemishes and scub on their face or when they go camping all weekend long and hadn’t had any time to wash their face. I have to admit, I exfoliate more than I should. You can literally see my pores in this video. I think I will have another try on my problem areas in the chin and on my nose. As for my cheeks, they seem to be scud-free.

I do think this product works well for people that do not have the luxury of buying or reviewing many products. Invest in this Exfolimate! It can be your absolute mate for life 😛

You can buy this product by clicking here.




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