#GenBeauty #TorontoEvent with #Ipsy – what an amazing #BeautyEvent! @ssssamanthaamua

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What an amazing and super spoil-ation at this event!! For my picture diary on the whole journey, click here.

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This event was held at Metro Toronto Convention Centre and it was HUGE. Some line ups for the freebies that came with our tickets would last 45 minutes to 2 hours! It was INSANE.

Overall, it was a great experience. I got to meet some new makeup and skincare brands. Sadly, Caudalie skincare was out of samples for 2 days – so most of us didn’t get to indulge in their freebie. Smashbox was insanely busy that their line up was over 2 hours long! There was, however, one brand that I was not pleased with their service. They were sassily rude and I won’t even give them the shoutout for a exposure at all. You all know me and how kind and friendly I am. I just think that if you don’t like the field you are in, please remove yourself from it, because others have to experience your irritable and agitated demeanor and it was all over an eye shadow brush. Put a smile on your face, do your job, or get the hell out. That’s what I think anyways! She was not a nice character. Anywho’s!

I can’t wait to send you all the makeup reviews, some local giveaways and more news to come very soon! I again, want to apologize, as I will be sending out 5 blog posts a day to get caught up on my posts. My apologies ladies! But, good news is yet to come so you can all win some GOODIES!!!

Ciao for now xo

P.S. I got to meet @ssssamanthaa! She’s super cool – just like her videos. #REAL 😉




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