#GlowAmaze #MudMask available at https://amzn.to/2aqc0to

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#GlowAmaze #MudMask available at https://amzn.to/2aqc0to

I have been literally mudding it since….2014!

I have only started to get into the beauty industry the second I started this blog back in Dubai. So, that being said – it’s still quite new to me. I always thought mud would clog up your pores even more…I couldnt understand how it actually worked – but weirdly enough – it does! It flushes out those pores like there is NO TOMORROW.

The downfall, small downfall, is that you can break out a little bit afterwards – but not because the product is bad or an irritant. It’s because it literally does the job right…and i have proof.

As you can tell, I currently have no tan…and that’s because I am pregnant. (Seriously can’t wait until I get my gold touch back!) Anyways, I have been using my Younique spraytan for the time being and we all know that spray tans clog pores, but with this mud mask – my face is fresh and new right after.

It works like a charm!

Check them out. They are on Amazon. If by chance, the link above doesn’t work – try clicking here.



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