You can be earning money from home in 2 hours!!!

It’s busy for pizza orders all over #Ontario, ##Manitoba, #Saskatchewan, #NovaScotia and #Quebec! ( #Canada only!)

For example: a new girl worked 4.5 hours this weekend on her 1st shift and she raked in $12 per hour by commission only. Your speed and memory will only get better over time and you CAN make more! Biweekly payments are made by email money transfer. Taxes will not be removed as you are entitled to claim your own income in a different bracket at the end of the year with your taxes. You are a “Self-Employed Contractor”.

What are you waiting for!??! Start today!


If you have any questions about working from home, you may call me at 1-800-908-5602 EXT: 805 or you may email me at for any info regarding the self-employed contractor for order taking at home on your own laptop/computer. Our client is Pizza Pizza Ltd and you will LOVE to #workfromhome! Give me a shout and I can send you the position breakdown for you and do a phone interview before installation/mock calls with you. Don’t be scared! It’s super easy. All you need is headset, highspeed internet, Ethernet cord and windows 7 or higher.

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