Homemade Candies ebook review!

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As I started reading this, I saw that it was dedicated to the authors mother. It touched my heart, because when something is made out of love, there is a quality about it unimaginable. So, this intrigued me to read on. The story of how it all started has character and this pulled me in to read on further. The excitement I had over her journey of finding the exact recipe was exciting. The authors background and experience in her candy making journey makes me only wish the author had a blog – I would love to follow that blog and see more recipes from this true artist! As the author shares in this ebook of what you need -it’s really nothing at all! Although I never heard of candy sticks before lol! The ingredients are super simple, too! The author tells you how to to “scientifically” create the perfect chocolate! The actual end result is up to you! But, now my mouth is drooling and I have to test these badboys out on my own. I am so grateful to have come across this book. The author literally has you swept off your feet in candy cloud land and it’s simple, east and to the point. It’s a quick read and the author does not go on and on and on….like I am right now! I give the author a 2 thumbs up and can’t wait to start experimenting some of these on my own. Great find!

  • Saima Sheikh


    looking yummy ,, I love it

    • Sally Yahoo

      How are you Saima! I miss everyone in Dubai! I need to do a giveaway for my Dubaian readers soon….like NOW! LOL

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