How to Get Rid of Hickies – You Needs to Know!

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Yes – The term of love is blind is true because when lovers love one another, they go crazy! During the intense moment of love,many couples enjoying the adore moments with a kiss or sucking the skin too hard.  As a result, one of them got a telltale mark of love known as a hickey.

What Is a Hickey?

A hickey isn’t more than a bruise; it’s a result of passionate love moment that you spent with your lover. The bruise occurs when your lover sucks, kiss or bites down your skin too hard or aggressively. That why it also named as a love bite, love mark, bug bite, a sign of love and many crazy couples say that it is a sign of ownership. The hickey looks like a bruise, and its colouris deep red or blue purplish.  Its colour is deep red or blue pill imaginable. A hickeys trend grows popular among teenagers as they did plenty of things for the sake of attention.

There is not any doubt that hickey reminds you about your crazy moments, but it becomes more embarrassing when prominent in public.

How Long Do Hickeys Last?

How long do hickeys last is the very common question that frequently asked by many individuals? Well, if hickey left untreated, then it will take maximum 5 to 12 days for healing. But if you want to get rid of the love bite, then you ought to follow some remedies.

Once you got hickeys, then you probably ask yourself how to get rid of hickies? Quit worrying! Give a read to this article to know about some tested home remedies for hickeys. You can readily get rid of hickies with the assistance of below remedies. According to 100homeremedies, you ought to follow the natural remedies as “natural remedies don’t have side effects.”

How to Get Rid of Hickies?

Here are some best-proven home remedies for hickeys through which you can readily get rid of a bruise of hickies:

Ice Cubes or Ice Compress:

Ice cubes are the tested remedy which helps to reduce the swelling of the injured area. When you are applying an ice compress, it helps to recirculation and prevent blood clotting. Follow the above ways and get rid of the love bite marks on the skin.

The Things You Need:

Ice Cubes or Ice Pack

What You Have to Do?

If you got a fresh hickey, have a fresh towel; wrap it on an ice cube, and set it on your marks to acquire rid of love bite quickly. While pressing the ice towel, make sure you press on and move the ice securely and gradually across the surface of the hickey.
After 5 minutes, leave the ice on the bruise maximum for 15 minutes or as long as you easily bear
Remove and repeat this compress. Keep repeating this remedy several times, specifically to remove a fresh hickey.

Penny or Coin:

With the scraping of the coin, you can get an advantage of breaking the blood clot, diminishes its intensity, and making it simpler for you to fade the bruise completely. Keep reading to know how the coin works!

The Things You Need:

A Coin

What You Have to Do?

With the aid of two fingers, stretch the affected part of one’s skin tight and flat
Currently, use the edge of the coin to scrape the bruised area in an external direction. It is a good choice to ice the hickey area before as this process can be painful

Tip: During this process, your skin might turn red, but you don’t have to worry because the redness goes away within a few minutes!

Follow the above-tested remedies to get rid of hickies. Good Luck!



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