I’m back! #SassySally

image sig123image imageLadies, firstly happy women’s day!

Secondly, it’s been almost a year. I know, right? Too long  well I’ve had a very good excuse:  I moved countries, in a divorce, moved cities within a province, I even got a luggage stolen from me. Not only that, but I picked myself up, dusted myself off & am starting fresh. That being said, I’m currently designing my new beauty room/office (pictures above). I’m getting all messy and that’s the beauty in life.

I am proud to say that I’ll be based just outside of Toronto, Ontario with a ton of worldwide giveaways, local giveaways and, yes, Dubai giveaways. I cannot forget about my first 30k followers in 3 years in Dubai, with 1.5 million views. It all started in Dubai, so I will never give up on you guys.

Bare with me as I get organized and set up my office. Soon I will have everything that you guys have always loved – GIVEAWAYS GALORE!

I’ve missed you all,

Sassy Sally









About Sassy_Sally26

I am a Canadian living in Sharjah..soon Dubai! I love doing giveaways, addicted to beauty and delicious food!
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  1. Namita V Suri says:

    U were missed..welcome back

  2. all the very best.. glad to see ur post! welcome back!

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