Meal 4 with #HelloFresh – $60 off code inside!

Read up on meal 1 and the pros and cons here.

Meal 4, I’m sorry, was the best of them all! LOL They just keep getting better!

Thai Red Chicken Curry

End result:

The flavours of this meal were exquisite. So ethnic. So delicious. I wanted MORE!

I am soo in love with this idea!

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2 Responses to Meal 4 with #HelloFresh – $60 off code inside!

  1. Megan says:

    I’m inviting you to get cooking with HelloFresh! To get started, claim this $40 towards your first box of delicious ingredients and simple recipes. Start having fun in the kitchen using the promo code: MEGGSST

    • Sally Yahoo says:

      I have a code SALLYG, too and it’s for $50.00 off 🙂 You can also use SASSYSALLY for $60.00 2 boxes. Thanks for you code…

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