Missing Canada!

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The thing I miss about Canada is that I ran my own nail salon outside of my home. Out here, that might sound strange, but it’s completely normal and ALLOWED. I had my own entrance, my own huge sign and it was all set up like a mini store. It was great! Writing this blog isn’t new to me. I did this a lot back home. I ran my own nail salon. I did Acrylic & Gel nails (specializing in 3D nail art). I also had sold random beauty projects. I changed it up monthly- hair extensions, nail polish, shampoo’s. All different, one I even had a shipment of purses. I also had my own website, but that’s gone now. I had a section where I listed freebies on the site. Canada was great for that! All my clients has free samples mailed to their house on a daily basis (beauty products, household products, coupons, you name it!). It was great because I had my clients chat with me everyday on my blog about what they received in the mail that day. Unlike back home, postage is paid for with couriers out here. The best thing about Canada is we had mailboxes. We didn’t have to open the door everytime someone came to it. They would just drop it in our mailboxes and when we were all ready to wake up and have our cup of coffee, we would have a pile of goodies to look into. Miss it alot! I remember I got pots n pans for free, glass crystals (not real) but they shimmered pink and flashed with little mini batteries, I got jewelery, a full sized laundry detergeant-the list goes on! It was insane the amount of things you can find online and it was all for FREE! That’s defintely one thing that really kept my clients coming back for more. Because there literally was a pile of goodies in their mailbox each and every morning! Was a lot of fun. Hopefully my blog get’s that big again out here. Unfortunately, I cannot open a small business outside of my home. But, one step at a time and I could probably get to where I was back in Canada…my next giveaway is super delicious! Stay tuned…


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