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-Benefit of clean air

Even healthy people who have never suffered from allergies can benefit from clean air. Dust, smoke and other particles float around in the air, causing your drapes and furniture to gather dust. By removing airborne dust particles, you reduce the amount of exposure your respiratory system has to them.
-Why breathing clean air is important?
By breathing cleaner air, the World Health Organization states that you can reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and respiratory diseases such as asthma. An air purifier from Blueair removes airborne pollutants and thereby greatly reduces the health effects associated with breathing bad indoor air.

1) Decreased Allergies and Asthma Symptoms

Contaminated indoor air can greatly aggravate the symptoms of allergies and asthma. Removing airborne irritants and working with certified microbial consultants for mould inspection and mould testing in Edmonton can clean up the air in your buildings and facilities. Taking these steps will help alleviate the symptoms of allergy and asthma suffers, increasing wellbeing and productivity.

2) Cleaner Lungs

Contaminated air, when taken in through the respiratory system and into the lungs, can quickly contaminate the lungs as well. Air quality testing in Edmonton can let you know if particles, smoke, and dust in the air could be posing a respiratory risk. Edmonton asbestos testing can guarantee that none of your workers’ or customers’ lungs are at risk from inhaling dangerous asbestos particles.

3) Improved Digestion

Most people aren’t aware of how important the respiratory system is in the process of digestion. Clean, fresh oxygen is needed in order for the muscles of the digestive tract to function as they should by breaking up food and moving it along in the digestive system.

4) Improved Mood

Serotonin is a highly important neurotransmitter responsible, among other things, for regulating mood and anxiety. Serotonin production and serotonin uptake in the brain are dependent on numerous factors, with one of those factors being oxygen intake. Enzymes responsible for the production of serotonin can be impaired by low quality oxygen intake, leading to feelings of depression and anxiety.

5) Longer Life Span

Contaminated air can lead to dangerous and deadly respiratory conditions such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Clean air, guaranteed by air quality testing, asbestos removal, mould testing, and mould inspection in Edmonton not only keeps these conditions at bay, but can also improve the immune system. Clean air is highly important for a long and healthy life.



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