My Cute Mom Mug From 5amily!

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This is my second time ordering from 5amily and it wont be my last!

The service with 5amily was truly family-friendly. They catered to my personal needs. Highly impressed that the staff went out of their way to make my business truly great. On top of that, I got to choose the mug I wanted most which means the world to me seeing as i am a new mom now….
aww shucks, thanks, she just turned 1 on the 8th!

Back to the mug…..another bonus was that it was on both sides of the mug.

Some questions for you:

1. What made you want to try this product?

I have a mug collection.

2. What was your honest reaction when you first held and opened the package?

TBH, it was exactly what the picture/ad entailed. The only thing that was a bonus or a surprise was that the printing was on both sides of the mugs. Other places charge extra for that.

3. What problem were you expecting the product to solve for you personally?

I am a new mom, so this mug makes me happy to look at ! LOL
“I love being a MOM”

4. Who do you think this product is a perfect fit for?

Anyone who drink coffee or tea or any hot beverage, can benefit from this product.

5. Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Absolutely! And I have 😉

You can take a peak for yourself:

Good luck! Hope you find what you are looking for,



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