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Hey ladies,

I have been excited about this for about a month now. The Source UAE has published my perfume article, PLUS a giveaway in their magazine.
This free magazine is distributed all over Al Ain, you can basically find them anywhere. Unfortunately for my followers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, you won’t be able to enter this giveaway, but you all get to indulge in my local giveaways, anyways 🙂

To view the online magazine, click here.
I’m on page 14, right beside one of my FAV salons out there Tips & Toes.

Here are some screenshots:
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Here is what my perfume article says:

Perfume has been around for thousands of years. Women all over adore smelling fantastic and perfume is the perfect addition to any women’s boudoir! Or shall I say ‘addiction’?! When it comes to each scent, they are unique in their own special way. Some may smell a lot like another, but they are always different. When talking about perfume, the word fragrance seems to come to mind. However do you know the difference between the two terms?
The word fragrance is often used interchangeably with perfume, but they’re not quite the same thing. Fragrance is the scent of the perfume; perfume is the product itself. Fragrances are categorized by the concentration of essential oils in the composition of the product. In women’s fragrances, perfume is traditionally the strongest followed by eau de parfum, eau de toilette and cologne, which is the weakest. In men’s fragrances eau de toilette is slightly stronger, followed by eau de cologne, or cologne, while aftershave is the weakest.
Have you ever tried mixing perfumes? A signature scent is essential. It announces your entrance and lingers well after you exit. Although there are numerous perfumes on the market that we adore, the trendsetter in each of us wants a signature scent that is just ours and ours alone.
Know your notes, ladies! Knowing the basics about the staple scents will help you blend more successfully – or at least without having to shower repeatedly before you step out of the house. The four most universal single note scents (vanilla, white floral, musk and marine) are the basis of most fragrances and, knowing how they combine, will help you avoid many awful fragrance combinations. (Something we have all done at one point in our lives.) Vanilla mixes well with florals, if you’re looking for a tropical smell, while vanilla and a woodsy scents give you something sweeter. White floral scents, such as gardenia and jasmine, are strong on their own however, blended with scents rich in spices, become soft, smooth and very sexy! Musk notes work well with citrus scents. The combination lightens the intensity of the musk while ensuring you don’t smell like tang juice, for the best of both notes anyways. Marine-like scents, (those fresh, ocean air smells) blend well with soft floral scents to evoke a feeling of spring year round.
Do you know the difference between day or night scents? In my personal opinion, day perfume should be light and fruity, or more “girly”, whereas, night should be somewhat heavier. I personally wear a body mist, such as Victoria Secret or a fresh fragrance like Armand Basi, Rose Lumiere. At night, I would put something more expensive on like Chanel or Christian Dior, J’adore.
Would you like to win a day time perfume? I want to offer one of The Source’s beautiful readers the chance to win a Katy Perry’s Limited Edition Oh-So-Sheer Eau De Parfum 100 ml. The main accords in this perfume are: fruity, sweet, woody, caramel, white floral and fresh spicy. The perfect scent for a day time fragrance with a little bit of an edge or kicker.
To find out more on perfume reviews or new product launches, go to my blog at and sign up for all the latest news and promotions here in the United Arab Emirates.

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All you have to do is pick up a magazine and enter in to win with The Source UAE.

Have fun!



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