My Overall Review with LASIK Eye Surgery!

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Wow. I can see! I woke up this morning and realized I will NEVER have to put on my contact lenses again! That is a feeling within itself.  For those of you who would know what I am talking about. Not being able to see, especially with an awful high power, it’s just good to know that I won’t have to stumble around in the middle of the night, or if there is an earthquake again (KNOCK ON WOOD), then I won’t have to go put on my contact lenses with shaking knees.

I have worn glasses since grade 3. I have worn contact lenses since I was 13. I am now 28. 15 years of contact lenses. It sucks! Let’s see how much that really was, about 400 dhs every 2-3 months, I believe I have spent a minimal of 24, 000 dhs in contact lenses since I was 13 years old. In just one day, or we’ll say 2 days for the recovery period, it cost 16,000 dhs FOR LIFE! I can go another 15 years and not have to worry about a single thing. It has only been 2 days and I honestly still can’t believe that I am not wearing my contact lenses. (The price will vary on your prescription, mine was really bad, hence the higher rate.)

I went from -10 and -9.25 eyes (in contact lenses I was -8.5)  to 20/15! No, not even 20/20 – BETTER!!

I have to honestly thank Dr. Farooq Ahraf. He is not only well experienced with over 40, 000 surgeries, but he is really calming and walks you through the whole darn surgery like it’s a piece of cake! I don’t have experience with any other eye doctor, because this was my first time, but truth be told, Dr. Ahraf is amazing. I just remember his words guiding me through the whole surgery, the oh-so-scary- process of LASIK Eye Surgery. You walk in there a much different person on your ‘day-after’ follow up appointment. With a huge smile, all that stress and recovery was well worth it.

LASIK Eye Surgery is something you really need not worry about, especially with someone who has done this procedure over 40,000+ times! He is 100% excellent and, let me tell you, he knows his stuff! You can only walk into this surgery without thinking too much of the steps or what exactly is going on. Yes, it’s scary to think that your eyes will be cut open, but look at me now? 100% healed and there are no scars or marks on my eyes. I went into that room nervous as hell! But, I did it and didn’t look back!!

Here is exactly what happens on that table (believe me, it’s not that scary):

Left eye was covered, right eye was open and it felt like he put something around my eyeball which for about 2 seconds, my vision disappeared (as scary as it sounds, but remember, YOU DO NOT FEEL A THING! There is no pain, you only see what is going on and feel movements.) So, he put something around my eyeball, taped my lashes back and then that’s when he cut a thin layer of my eye open. He guided me through it as nervous as I was, but his voice was calming and assertive, which made me feel like I was in good hands. About 5 or 7 lasers later at 12 seconds per hit, it was done. That was simple! Each hit of the laser that lasted 12 seconds long smelt like burning hair, but to be honest, I wasn’t even focusing on the smells at all, but rather trying to stare solemnly at the laser and counting the sweet seconds as if they were going by slower than normal. But, once he said that was it, it’s done, we’re on to the next eye…I new I could get by the second eye much easier.

And I did.

The weirdest part was that I can see everything that was going on. I can see the doctor taking a mini “spatula-like” tool to close the flap he cut open. It definitely was an experience that I will never, ever forget.

This may sound extremely scary and when you think twice about it, there would be no possible way that you would ever get that done. I mean, come on! It’s your eyes! Right? But , you really have nothing to worry about. The doctor knows what he is doing and there are rarely ever any complications, RARELY! I can guarantee that in HIS 40.000+ procedures, he is confident to know that he will not screw up anyone’s vision. I, after 2 days, am more happier than I have ever been in my entire life.

After the procedure:
Now here’s the part I didn’t like. But, this varies between everyone. The healing time could be the worst time or it could be the easiest thing ever! Depending on your threshold for pain, you have nothing to worry about. I have spoken to 5 people about their LASIK Eye Surgeries now and only one of them experienced my recovery. One person, didn’t have any pain AT ALL, just dry eyes. That person went on with his day freely. The other 2 had slight burning and one of them just had the feeling of roughness under the eyelid. Just one other person experienced what I experienced, and I’ll have to admit that I am sucker for pain and I cry over anything and everything. So, that being said – my recovery was 2 hours of eyes burning which subsided after to a mild sensation.

I have been following my eye drops religiously and have had no side effects. I had gone in for my followup appointment and instead of having 20/20 vision, I actually have 20/15!!! I can now see better than my husband ha!

Overall I would say my procedure was scary, but it was 100% worth it. I also have to admit now that I laugh at myself how scared I was for absolutely nothing. I highly recommend this procedure for anyone that does not want to have the issue of not seeing clearly anymore. I also ONLY recommend getting it from a doctor that is highly experienced, such as Atlanta Vision Clinic on Jumeriah Beach Road with Dr. Farooq Ahraf. He studied in USA with further advancements to his career. His credentials are beyond belief. I am very glad I didn’t go with any other doctor. He is ONE OF THE MOST EXPERIENCED LASIK SURGEONS IN THE WORLD. He is located in Dubai and USA. So, if any of my USA followers are reading up on this, you’ll be glad to know he is also located in Johns Creek, GA Atlanta, GA and Dubai UAE.

Now, I do have a video and some photos attached below. But if you don’t want to see the surgery in action, feel free to skip pressing play on the video below. If you truly want to know exactly what goes on there, take a look at the video. It’s really nothing! I’ve experienced it and the results are incomparable to the surgery or even the recovering time.

Day before surgery: (Saying goodbye to those glasses!)
<<I had an extreme case of clown makeup this day, as I thought I did a great job applying makeup until I saw a mirror with my lenses on. How EMBARRASSING! LOL>>

Me, all nervous, prior to the procedure:

Here is the fabulous bowl of unwanted glasses for on the walk out of Atlanta Vision Clinic on Jumeirah Beach Road:

Screenshot of my surgery:

Directly After Procedure: Click here for a short video clip, click here for a second short video clip.

Dr. Farooq Ahraf testing my eyes out:

After the surgery, with a BIG smile on my face, laughing that it was all done!

Now, here is the actual surgery. For those of you who do not want to see anything more than the screenshot above, I advice you to not press play. However if you are as curious as I am. Go for it!

My husband was not in the room during the procedure, but you can very faintly hear how Dr. Ahraf talked to me throughout the entire surgery.

Now, do I recommend this? Absolutely. I 1000% recommend this for anyone. It is well worth the whole surgery and recovery time. It’s a LIFE CHANGING experience and I am so proud of myself. Now it’s up to you, would you go through all this to be able to see 20/20 vision for life? You know I have!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here for anyone who wants to even go through this procedure without knowing anything or anyone who has done it. I will be here you. Like I said, it is WELL WORTH IT.

I, again, want to thank Dr. Farooq Ashraf for the rest of my entire life. There is nothing in this world that is better than the gift of sight.


  • Insiya (@InsiyaE)


    Hi dear. Were you on anesthetics or something? How did you manage to stay still while the eye was cut open.Did you see that happen while it was being cut? I would die!!!

    • sassysally26

      The only thing was numbing eye drops. I did not feel any pain whatsoever. It was just weird to watch all that was going on pain free.

  • mariam mukhtar


    OMG so scary……..i am panicking while seeing the video

    • sassysally26

      It was extremely worth it Mariam! Xx

  • shazia


    wow !! im still scared after reading yr review !
    were you able to see clearly the same moment the procedure was done or did it take time ?

  • neenz87


    Kudos to you, girl!. That’s just amazing :). Loved your review. Very detailed. Thanks for posting it!

    • sassysally26

      No problem, here to help everyone who is still curious about it. I feel fantastic and am sooo happy I did it!

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