Nucharger Wireless Car Charger Review

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Nucharger car wireless charger

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This car wireless charger works amazing. Comes with the cord and car plug. I love wireless charging. I’m really glad I got this one. It’s perfect for camping, traveling and road trips! You can purchase yours here.

“Here’s a scenario to consider. You’re at a friend’s home, and your battery is running low. Would you ask them if you can charge your phone? Sure. But if there’s a charging mat on the coffee table, most of us wouldn’t even bother to ask. We’d just drop the phone on there. That’s convenience.” To read more on the pros and cons of wireless charging, read this article here.

The benefits of having wireless is the most obvious…we dont have to repeatedly purchase new chargers…especially those cheap ones at local corner stores that are a few bucks…those charges only work for a few days! Like any technology, there are disadvantages as well as advantages to wireless charging. It can be slower and less energy efficient than traditional cabled charging, and that comparative lack of efficiency can mean that wireless charging wastes more energy by emitting it in the form of heat. Wireless charging can cost a little more to implement, and there are engineering challenges – especially if you’re trying to put wireless charging circuitry into a phone so slim it can only be seen by ants. To read more, click here.

I AM PRO WIRELESS! The world is soon coming to that….

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