1. I can post your brand/company/product/restaurant/clinic/spa (whatever it may be) on Instagram. One single post (this covers twitter, Facebook and about 5 pages) or per week with daily postings. So, 7 links X 5 days (or more).

2) If you want to be on my blog, I have guest posts available as well as monthly packages. I currently have almost 1.8 million views. The monthly package comes with unlimited blog posts (however, I do not want to send out the same thing every day, the news will have to change <giveaways, deals/promos, or product images). All stats can be provided to you. I do not promise sales, but what I do promise is that my blog posts stay on Google forever. So, if anyone was to search it, my post will always come up, even years from now. I use key words that will help in Google searches, etc. My blog posts do go on several accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as 5+ pages.

So, if you want Instagram as well, it’s separate.

I am keeping my old prices up  until June. I will never change your budget. Once set, always set (unless more is needed). I just became the face of “Taste of Durham” magazine. All my details will be in each and every magazine, including my website links & ads I wish to put on for that given feature. This is distributed to 10,000 homes in the Durham Region, so after a couple weeks, my prices will increase. I will , from time to time, use my clients for new features in the magazine. I can provide you a copy of the magazine.

I am also a Social Media Administrator & Product Reviewer.
I allow sponsored competitions or giveaways on all my accounts, free of charge.

For more information, email me at sallygrayj@gmail.com.


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