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I am soooo happy and sooo impressed with this procedure at Total Reflex Health in Oshawa with Donna Grace. They take a couple strands of your hair and a couple days later I get an email with results on my overall health. The details of this test will let you know if you have any parasites, toxins, lack of vitamins or minerals…the list goes on. Sadly my results aren’t the greatest. As you can see, it’s a priority to have vitamins and minerals AND I AM BREASTFEEDING! Thankfully I am taking Thrive starting today (which is a multivitamin for women and helps with weight management and your overall health). As for the advisory category, that’s Antioxidants and EFAs. The test results go into detail of what type of vitamins/minerals/etc that you are lacking. For example, mine was:
-Vitamins recommended and lacking of:
Inositol, Vitamin A & B1 & Vitamin D3

-Minerals recommended and lacking of:
Sodium, Sulfur, Calcium & Iodine

-Essential Fatty Acids recommended and lacking of:
Omega 3 (A) and Omega 6 (A)

-Antioxidants recommended and lacking of:
Co Enzyme Q10 (A)

-Amino Acids I am good

-Toxins I am good

-Microbiology I am good

-EMFS & ELFS I am good

-Food Indicators that I should stay away from for the next 90 days are (this is not labelled as an allergy, but effecting my body in some way):
Cheese, Black Cherry, Greengage, Pear, Spelt, Redcurrant, Peanuts, Kidney Beans and Orange Pepper.

I know that I have problems after eating cheese and beans, but the rest was interesting to know!

It was really great to know this and am happy to know that I will be taking my full vitamins and minerals now, because I am breastfeeding from Thrive, but also for my well being.

For further information, please contact Donna Grace at Total Reflex Heath in Oshawa.


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