Meal 2 with #HelloFresh – $30 off code inside!

Read up on meal 1 and the pros and cons here.

Meal #2 was Chicken Malenese

My baby started crying while I was cooking, so I messed up the bread crumbs. But wow was it ever delish, so it didn’t even matter  !!

End result:

Equals = YUMMY!

Oh, after the second meal – I was convinced!!

My 3rd meal is coming up in just a few…

Would you like to subscribe? Receive $30 off using the voucher code SASSYSALLY –

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Meal 1 with #HelloFresh – $30 off code inside!

Hey ladies!

When I first came across this meal plan in #Canada, I was SOOO happy! Let me tell you that this is by far the easiest way to cook meals for yourself, husband, family etc. I have some pros and some cons, but ultimately the pros weigh out the cons …and I will prove it! I have decided to buy into this and receive a box monthly….let me tell you why…

I LOVE TO COOK and now more so that I need to lose weight from greiving, pregnancy and quitting a bunch of all things that has made me pack on the pounds this past year.

One of the pros is that the meal plans does the shopping for you.
Secondly, it’s MAILED to you.  (Saves you even more time!)
3rdly, it’s differently, younique meals DAILY.
4th, it’s portion controlled, so you know that you can lose weight – BONUS!
5th, it’s sooo healthy and sooo delicious!
Lastly, your husband will think he has an amazing chef at home….

Now the Cons:
The price.
Now, don’t get me wrong – this isn’t such a negative review. I am saying this because most people will look at the price and turn their heads immediately.
Well….take a second look: If you like the PROS listed above, take into consideration the time you will be saving, the weight you will lose from the correct portions, the fun put into it if you love to cook like I do and most importantly the more time you can spend with your children or whatever it is you like to be doing.

Now that said, I have factored in a lot of the above to see if the price was right, and that said I will will be ordering the box for 3 meals once a month – because that’s how much I love this idea! I mean…think of Mariah Carey…she has her meals done and cooked for her on a daily – that’s what helped her lose her weight. If it was a wee bit cheaper, I would probably order more, but for now…we will stick to the one box per month and see how it goes.

NOW for the first meal.

I made:
Sautéed Shrimp

(Apologies on the blurry photo! I just saw this now!)

First meal and I was impressed! The flavour, the recipe – mm mmm good!

My next 2 meals are coming up in just a few…

Would you like to subscribe? Receive $30 off using the voucher code SASSYSALLY –

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Congrats to Samantha and Saima!

Congratulations to Samantha Gray and Saima Adeel!

I have sent you an email from Please make sure I am in your safe emails – sometimes it’ll be sent to your spam folder.

I hope you enjoy your shopping!


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#BabyKaysShower (Pictures Only)

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#Free Eye Drops with Coloured Lenses Purchase from @PinkyParadise2u

Click here or the picture above to be redirected!

Can’t wait to review the green lenses above from their Twilight Reborn collection! Coming soon…

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Congratulations Monique Shuell!

Congratulations to #MoniqueShuell for winning the #PanaCosmetics giveaway on my #blog!

We are sending you an email as this post sends out! Remember to put as your safe mail, so it doesn’t get sent to your spam folder.

Let us know what you think when you receive these products with free delivery!

Chat soon!

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2 Winners for a Fab Wallet! #Worldwide #Giveaway with @Kinzd_levi!

Hi everyone! I have been sent a few wallets for review and yes I am slow on reviews at the moment from lack of sleep with a 3 week old baby, but I will get around to it – promise! That said, for the meantime, I would like to announce that Kinzd has offered to competition on my blog for 2 winners of a wallet of your choice with free delivery.

To enter this giveaway, click here.

The most important steps are:
1. Sign up and subscribe on their website here:
2. Like and follow their social media accounts: Facebook,Twitter and YouTube.
3.The winners write an honest review on Amazon within one week of receiving
their wallet, however this is not mandatory.

Make sure you click on the pink “click here” link above to be eligible to win.

Good luck my sassy readers!

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#Win with @PANAcosmetics on #SassySallysBlog – #Canada only! has graciously offered  4 makeup products valued at $95.40 with free delivery to your doorstep! This is exclusive to Canada only – so I am sorry for my Dubai followers and other sassy followers worldwide.

To enter this giveaway, CLICK HERE.

About PANA Cosmetics

PANA Cosmetics was founded in 2016 by Paola Ortiz, Anita Komorowski and Nick Allum in Toronto, Canada.

While working together at Miss Universe Canada, the trio fell in love with the makeup sponsor TONOS Revolution Makeup – a professional makeup line from South America that is made with minerals and naturals components. The results were stunning and the trio decided TONOS needed to brought to the Canadian market.

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#WorkFromHome #WorkAtHome #PizzaPizza #Canada Only!

**NEW** Now hiring for part time (or more) for the summer. Make your own hours taking orders from the comfort of your own home. It is call after call, the longer you work, the more income you will make. is NOW HIRING for AT-HOME AGENTS to LITERALLY #WorkFromHome #WorkAtHome taking orders for #PizzaPizza#Canada ONLY!!
Please follow direction below in order to become a self-employed contractor.
-All you need is:
a USB headset, laptop or computer, high-speed net WITH a CORD to be directly connected to your modem (you cannot just work on wifi!).
To apply:
EMAIL ONLY for the position breakdown document.
ALL the information you need is in there.
WHEN YOU EMAIL, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR CONTACT NUMBER, because some of our responses have been going to your spam folder as we reply to EVERYONE.
-CLOSING SHIFT – minimal 3-4 hour shifts. Closing during the week is 2 am EST, weekends 3 am EST and sometimes 4 am EST on holidays. (These shifts are also great for people wanting to work on the west coast.)
-YOU MUST be available 2 out of the 4 weekends per month for dinner shifts.
-We are NOT hiring anyone that resides outside of CANADA.
-Again, please do not contact me on Facebook. EMAIL ONLY.
-Email ANY QUESTIONS you may have, DO NOT comment below “interested” or “more info” OR send me any private messages ON FB. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, because messages get stuck in “other” folder for weeks at a time and I am posting this in more than 100 groups across Canada. Therefore, email is the ONLY way to contact us as I miss a ton of Facebook notifications.
-There is NO FEE to work. This is a LEGIT JOB. Please refrain from hate messages, if you are concerned, we have a website and you can call Pizza Pizza directly and ask about us yourself.
In order to be eligible for hire, please follow directions.

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Congratulations to Robyn Bellefleur!

Robyn Bellefleur is the winner of the Mix and Match contest from!

(Click the above photo to be redirected to the owner of this photo.)

Congratulations my sassy sistah!




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