#Review on #BLACKHEADS, #ACNE CURE & #PIMPLE: acne, #ketogenicdiet, #cookbook and #recipes energy reset books for #homeremedy at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N5MUCDN

I do have to apologise on behalf of this review. Unfortunately, I cannot open this on my device and my laptop has hit the pooper. I have to send it in after backing it up, to Dell so they can replace either the motherboard or hard drive. Sadly….

That being said, I only have a few days to set up this review for the company, so I thought I would do a few shoutouts until I can actually review the book. This book is sold on Amazon and is available on Kindle Edition.

This book is all about blackheads, acne  cure & pimple: acne, ketogenic diet, cookbook and recipes energy reset books for home remedies. I can’t wait until I can open this bad boy up and learn more – especially considering the Ketogenic diet is in there!!

It’s only $2.99 on Amazon – CLICK HERE to purchase today!

It’s well worth it for that price!!
Don’t tell me anything if you do decide to buy it, because I still have to take a peak at this gold book for women!

Stay Sassy!


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#Worldwide #Giveaway with #Younique #ItWorks – 100% FREE!!!! Even in #Dubai!

Amanda Lyn and I have decided to do a FULLY FREE, complimentary giveaway to ONE LUCKY WINNER of a BOX OF WRAPS and 3D FIBRE MASCARA*!!


(The ” * ” beside “3D Fibre Mascara is because I just want you all to know that this is the older version/formula. I absolutely LOVE this formula and sad to see it go. Picture beloe of Amanda wearing this exact mascara.)

I have literally stocked up on this formula – I just can’t let it go! Yes, I made a purchase myself of over $500 CAD just before the switched the formula LOL I am CRAZY!

That being said, ONE winner will receive a box of wraps shipped for free from USA by Amanda and a 3D Fibre Mascara shipped free from Canada from me. So, yes this giveaway is opened worldwide —– even my Dubai followers!!!

To enter this giveaway, CLICK HERE. Remember, you can enter DAILY for extra raffle tickets!!!

Good luck to all. This giveaway is open for 4 weeks. Please do share – the more you share, the higher your chances at winning! It’s all done through rafflecopter, so it’s all fair and square!

Stay sassy ladies!

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#Review on #GlowPacifierClip from http://amzn.to/2ehHEJ1


Again, this #review is long over do from #GlowPacifierClip at http://amzn.to/2ehHEJ1
I had received 3 pieces and since my girlfriend is having twins, I gifted her 2 and kept one for my baby. I am not due until June 16th, but I thought I would share this product with you anyways.

This is such a cool piece because it glows in the dark. If #BabyKay is sleeping at night and it falls out and she cries for it, instead of turning the lights on to find it, I can easily locate it because it glows! Such a cute idea!!


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#Review on #leedgetool from http://www.le-edge.us

This #review is LONG OVERDO! I basically had a mother pass away due to cancer and got pregnant of 8 months of puking and being sick (worst symptoms ever!), however I have lots of reviews piled up and I am going to share everything with you all very soon. Since I have to keep my feet up, I might as well tell you all about the products that I have come across these past few months….


So, I have been using this more-so now that I am pregnant than before. It helps immensely so I don’t have to use any products or chemicals while prego. I have had mega dry skin and this helps soo much with removing flakes and makes my skin more flawless. I suggest people who have thicker skin to use this more. Prior to me getting pregnant, I didn’t really see a use for this because I took care of my skin like crazy (I am a beauty blogger! 😛 ), so I wasn’t seeing a huge difference, but I am now. I am taking care of my skin less and less while being overweight and super lazy (lol!), so this has been a gem for me!!

You can check them out here: http://www.le-edge.us

Stay sassy ladies!

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#tutu #babies #toddlers #Disney-inspired! #Daughter #girl #tutus #girls #fashion #FashionForTots

Stephanie Chamberlain makes #handmade #tutus and they are just so damn adorable!! The prices are also amazing, too! I bought my soon-to-be daughter one for only $15 CAD! I believe she can ship #worldwide too (with a shipping cost). For more information, join her group here.

#tutu #babies #toddlers #Disney-inspired! #Daughter #girl #girls #fashion #FashionForTots

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#WorkFromHome #WorkAtHome taking orders for #SWISSCHALET – #Canada only!

RemoteServiceAgents.com is NOW HIRING for AT-HOME AGENTS to LITERALLY #WorkFromHome #WorkAtHome taking orders for SWISS CHALET!!!

-All you need is: a USB headset, laptop or computer, high-speed net WITH a CORD to be directly connected to your modem (you cannot just work on wifi!).

Please email operations@remoteserviceagents.com with ANY QUESTIONS you may have, please DO NOT comment below “interested” or “more info” OR send me any private messages ON FB.



EMAIL ONLY for the position breakdown document. ALL the information you need is in there.

WHEN YOU EMAIL, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR CONTACT NUMBER, because some of our responses have been going to your spam folder as we reply to everyone.


-5-10 PM (If you are available these hours daily – instant hire! If not, email your availability anyways and we will see if we can accommodate you.)

-YOU MUST be available 2 out of the 4 weekends per month for dinner shifts.

-YOU MUST be able to work a minimal 3 hour shift.

#Canada only! We are NOT hiring anyone that resides outside of CANADA.

Again, please do not contact me on Facebook. EMAIL ONLY.


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#Canada #Baby #Event in #Oshawa with #OutGrowOutPlay

2 days ago I had won pre-sale guest list tickets to the this MEDA KIDS SALE…and yes was it ever MEGA!! I loved it so much that I am planning on working with them in the future.

There were, from what I saw, about 10-20 people that had won tickets fore a preview the night before for about an hour to get first dips on whatever you wanted…and so I did!
Click here to see what I bought for amazing prices and deals!

Today they are only opened until 3pm so get on down there!!! However, they are opened for one more day and that’s tomorrow ONLY! Everything will be 50% off!
Click here to get their address on their Facebook page. Children’s Arena in Oshawa.

That’s not all…they bounce around (per season I believe-this is all new to me!) and they will be in Mississauga next at The Hershey Centre.

I know that they are also in Orleans and Kanata in Ottawa, but that’s just from searching them on Facebook – for complete details, please contact them on Facebook.

I CANNOT wait to work with them in the future….I mean…c’mon! Did you see that line up today!?

Stay sassy ladies!

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#MoondustSuncare #Giveaway with #MoondustCosmetics!!

Moondust Cosmetics has graciously offered their most popular “Natural Facial Base-Sunscreen” just in time for the summer!! This makeup base is perfect for everyday wear, plus it has SPF in it.

You will just love this product! I can’t wait to review it myself 🙂
To enter this giveaway, CLICK HERE.

Stay Sassy!

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The best #Korean #hairstyletrends in 2017!

The best Korean hairstyle trends in 2017

Several years have already passed since the Korean Wave was revolutionized from being a mere regional craze to becoming a global phenomenon. From foods, fashion trends, television dramas, and contemporary music, the Korean popular culture has successfully piqued the interest of international communities of all ages and lifestyles.

Korean hairstyles also emerged as one of the most popular crazes brought about by the Korean Wave. The flexibility of Korean hairstyles in complementing different face shapes and skin tones paved the way for a positive reception among different genders and age groups from all over the world. Check out which Korean hairstyle trends for men and women made it to 2017’s most fashionable styles. Visit the best Korean hair salon near you and get that amazing new look instantly!

For Men

  1. Medium Length Spikes

For men with thick and straight to wavy hair, medium length spikes should be a very good choice. The length is just right to add a form to your hair while retaining a decent semi-formal appeal.

  1. Undercut

Korean undercut is still one of the most fashionable hairstyles for men for 2017. The sides, sometimes together with the back of the hair, are partly shaved while leaving a medium length on top. The different ways in which you can style an undercut make this hairstyle one of the most popular options.

  1. Long Fringes

Long fringes add a form to the hair while keeping the sides and the back in a neat medium to short length. Men can let the fringes flow over their faces for an amazing look or style them up for a fuller form.

  1. Short Mohawk

Short mohawk is similar to an undercut hairstyle but with an extra hint of funk. The sides and the back are completely shaved, leaving a wide strip of medium length hair at the top. Don’t forget to apply gel to spike that mohawk up.

  1. Slicked Side

An amazing variation of the formal slicked back hairstyle is the slicked side. Just keep the back and the sides of your hair trimmed short and apply oil or cream for a more manageable slicked side hairstyle.

For Women

  1. Shaggy Short Cop

Shaggy short cop, highlighted by layered bangs and short sides and back, is a perfect hairstyle for women with oval faces and prominent cheekbones.

  1. Layered Bangs Tousled Bun

This hairstyle is a great option for women with long straight hair. The combination of the sophisticated bun and tousled layered bangs provides an elegant yet free-spirited appeal to any woman.

  1. Ombre Waves

This hairstyle is highlighted by curled long hair with bleached color tones. Ombre Waves may be a little bit more complicated than other Korean hairstyles but the patience and extra hair color costs will surely be worth the final look.

  1. Side Parted Short Bob

For a more youthful and cuter look, you should definitely try the side parted short bob. The lengthy layers and trimmed tips make this hairstyle easy to fix and manage.

  1. Tousled Wavy Bob

This smart and stylish hairstyle is a popular choice for both young and middle-aged women. The tousled wavy hair locks create a lovely and gentle appeal to the personality of any woman who wears this hairstyle.

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Congratulations to #KassandrahAndrews! You won with #ProtegeBeauty!!

Send me an inbox on Facebook to claim your prize..!

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