#Win with @PANAcosmetics on #SassySallysBlog – #Canada only!

PanaCosmetics.com has graciously offered  4 makeup products valued at $95.40 with free delivery to your doorstep! This is exclusive to Canada only – so I am sorry for my Dubai followers and other sassy followers worldwide.

To enter this giveaway, CLICK HERE.

About PANA Cosmetics

PANA Cosmetics was founded in 2016 by Paola Ortiz, Anita Komorowski and Nick Allum in Toronto, Canada.

While working together at Miss Universe Canada, the trio fell in love with the makeup sponsor TONOS Revolution Makeup – a professional makeup line from South America that is made with minerals and naturals components. The results were stunning and the trio decided TONOS needed to brought to the Canadian market.

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#WorkFromHome #WorkAtHome #PizzaPizza #Canada Only!

**NEW** Now hiring for part time (or more) for the summer. Make your own hours taking orders from the comfort of your own home. It is call after call, the longer you work, the more income you will make.

RemoteServiceAgents.com is NOW HIRING for AT-HOME AGENTS to LITERALLY #WorkFromHome #WorkAtHome taking orders for #PizzaPizza#Canada ONLY!!
Please follow direction below in order to become a self-employed contractor.
-All you need is:
a USB headset, laptop or computer, high-speed net WITH a CORD to be directly connected to your modem (you cannot just work on wifi!).
To apply:
-Email operations@remoteserviceagents.com
EMAIL ONLY for the position breakdown document.
ALL the information you need is in there.
WHEN YOU EMAIL, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR CONTACT NUMBER, because some of our responses have been going to your spam folder as we reply to EVERYONE.
-CLOSING SHIFT – minimal 3-4 hour shifts. Closing during the week is 2 am EST, weekends 3 am EST and sometimes 4 am EST on holidays. (These shifts are also great for people wanting to work on the west coast.)
-YOU MUST be available 2 out of the 4 weekends per month for dinner shifts.
-We are NOT hiring anyone that resides outside of CANADA.
-Again, please do not contact me on Facebook. EMAIL ONLY.
-Email ANY QUESTIONS you may have, DO NOT comment below “interested” or “more info” OR send me any private messages ON FB. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, because messages get stuck in “other” folder for weeks at a time and I am posting this in more than 100 groups across Canada. Therefore, email is the ONLY way to contact us as I miss a ton of Facebook notifications.
-There is NO FEE to work. This is a LEGIT JOB. Please refrain from hate messages, if you are concerned, we have a website and you can call Pizza Pizza directly and ask about us yourself.
In order to be eligible for hire, please follow directions.

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Congratulations to Robyn Bellefleur!

Robyn Bellefleur is the winner of the Mix and Match contest from PinkyParadise.com!

(Click the above photo to be redirected to the owner of this photo.)

Congratulations my sassy sistah!




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Shoutout for a newly found FAMILY MEMBER! #RodanAndFields


Simply click the above photo to be redirected to her website. 


Founded by world-renowned dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, Rodan + Fields® puts the power of dermatology-inspired skincare in your hands, using a highly effective social commerce business model.


“Rodan & Fields is one of the top 5 premium skincare companies in the U.S. and was the fastest-growing in 2014.”*

Euromonitor International

REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ listed as one of 2014’s “Most Innovative Beauty Products”


Editor’s Choice for REVERSE Regimen


Product Innovation Award, 2014

Direct Selling Association

Excellence in Sales Force Development, 2013

Direct Selling Association

Consumer Product Company of the Year

American Business Awards

Largest Women-Owned Bay Area Company

San Francisco Business Times

For more details, contact Taaylor at 705.971.0962 or view her website here:

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#GlowAmaze #MudMask available at https://amzn.to/2aqc0to

#GlowAmaze #MudMask available at https://amzn.to/2aqc0to

I have been literally mudding it since….2014!

I have only started to get into the beauty industry the second I started this blog back in Dubai. So, that being said – it’s still quite new to me. I always thought mud would clog up your pores even more…I couldnt understand how it actually worked – but weirdly enough – it does! It flushes out those pores like there is NO TOMORROW.

The downfall, small downfall, is that you can break out a little bit afterwards – but not because the product is bad or an irritant. It’s because it literally does the job right…and i have proof.

As you can tell, I currently have no tan…and that’s because I am pregnant. (Seriously can’t wait until I get my gold touch back!) Anyways, I have been using my Younique spraytan for the time being and we all know that spray tans clog pores, but with this mud mask – my face is fresh and new right after.

It works like a charm!

Check them out. They are on Amazon. If by chance, the link above doesn’t work – try clicking here.


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3 Tips to choosing if #liposuction is for you

3 Tips to choosing if #liposuction is for you

If you are having doubts on whether you should undergo a liposuction surgery, then you will definitely find this article very helpful.

Today, maintaining the beauty of our physical appearance has become so important that cosmetic surgery is now sort of a social norm. In the past, people were judged when they underwent cosmetic surgery. Some people even get cold treatment from their closest friends and peers. Fortunately, today, the majority of the people have come to accept cosmetic surgery, realize that not only helps improve our physical appearance but it also helps improve our emotional health. The confidence boost that the surgery gives us makes us more empowered and motivated in our lives. So, if one can benefit and not harm another by having cosmetic surgery, then why should he or she think twice?

To further help you decide on whether you should get the lipo, here are 3 tips that will guide you in your decision.

Liposuction must be the last choice

Try your utmost best at losing all those fats via diet with exercise combined. You should first make an effort to achieve that body using natural methods. A surgery is still a surgery, there will always be risks that may harm you, so if one can be treated with natural methods, then why see the doctor? Liposuction must be your very last choice.

SmartLipo vs Traditional Liposuction

Generally, there are 2 categories of liposuction, and knowing your options is a very basic thing to do when deciding. Smartlipo or aka laser liposuction treatment is the more advanced and painless liposuction method. It burns your fats via a high-tech laser which will make your fats softer and more liquid like making the suction of fats easier. The fats are then sucked via micro-cannulas, very small pipe-likes that will remove those soften fats. On the other hand, traditional liposuction is the conventional and more straightforward liposuction, it works by sucking the fats in the targeted area via regularly sized cannulas, which can hurt more and leave scars. Usual downtime before a patient can go back to regular movements for traditional liposuction can last for at least 2 days, while in laser liposuction, the patient can move freely after a half-day rest. Another benefit of the laser liposuction is the tightening of the skin, with the heat of laser, saggy skin can be avoided, instead, a more firm and tight skin is achieved after the treatment as compared to traditional liposuction.

While laser liposuction has all the advantages against traditional liposuction, it is also more expensive. Unless you have saggy skin and has loads of cash, then going for a traditional liposuction might still be a good idea as the results will still be the same.

Improvement not Perfection

You must understand that liposuction will not give you the perfect body that you want. Hard work must still be applied in maintaining and improving it. Liposuction will just improve your present case and help you move forward. If you have wavy and wrinkled skin before the process, do not expect that it will magically become firm and tight. Diet and regular exercise must still be involved in order to improve your skin and maintain your body.  

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#Worldwide #Giveaway with @PinkyParadise2u #ContactLenses #MixAndMatch!

We all know that I can be pretty sassy. I’ve literally worn 2 different colour contacts at once and even wore pink lenses. I am completely over the top when I want to have a little fun! That said, who wants to #win coloured #contactlenses with #free #worldwide delivery!?

This contest is called Mix And Match Monday!
To enter this giveaway, CLICK HERE.

(Picture taken from KingstonTracey from Youtube for a visual of what you can do with this Mix & Match Monday Contest.)

The competition is offered by Pinky Paradise and you can use the 2 different coloured lenses to test/review for a future purchase or simply just get 2 crazy colours (or natural!) to have a little fun….why not!?

Stay sassy ladies! xoxox


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Congratulations to @heavensent2272 for winning with #Younique #3DfibreMascara and a box of #ItWorks wraps!

Congratulations to Amanda Whitley for winning with #Younique #3DfibreMascara and a box of #ItWorks wraps!

Please send us your address so we can get that off to you ASAP!

Stay Sassy!

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Reblogged #DubaiGiveaway from #NazninAzeez @Neenz87


Hey guys,

I am so excited to team up with DHD Beauty School in Dubai, to give away makeup classes to TWO winners!. Each winner will win an admission each in a public group class. A class is 3 hours long and held at DHD Beauty School’s bright and spacious private classroom/studio.

The group classes are for seven women, to learn how to master the art of make-up on themselves. Taught by their own master trainer Dahlia, these small, intimate classes allow for a relaxed, and personalized teaching experience. These classes normally cost AED 450 per person.


How these classes works usually is, people put down their names on DHD’s public class registry form, and when they get seven names on the list who all has the same learning outcome goal, from three options, they host a class.

Please enter using the Rafflecopter form below for a chance to win this amazing opportunity to learn from the best!. Onto the giveaway details :

● There are 3 mandatory entries to enter this giveaway. Complete that and then do the rest of the entries for more chances to win.

● Giveaway is open to UAE residents only, because, well obviously the classes are being held in Dubai.

● There are three class options, to learn- Everyday daytime make-up, Glam evening make-up & Bridal make-up. Since each winner will go into two separate classes, I am going to let the first winner (whom I’ll choose randomly using Rafflecopter) decide which class she wishes to take. Then the second winner will choose a class out of the remaining two options.

● Giveaway will end on June 8th, 2017.

● Winners will be contacted via email by June 10th & also announced on the blog.


If you have any doubts at all, just ask in the comments below. Good luck!

Here are some more details about DHD Beauty School’s classes, that you might wish to know :

Participants are encouraged to bring their own kits for evaluation (to be able to recreate the look at home) but also to use DHD’s professional kit to try new products and tools as well. They are based in Barsha Dubai. They also hold private makeup classes whereby a group of seven women can book a session together at a cost of AED 3000. This would be a fun and unique idea for a bridal shower, hen party, bacherolette party, birthday party, baby shower or just a casual girls day out. Decorations and catering are available on request.

Definitely check out DHD Beauty’s website for more information and share this giveaway with your friends right now, because it’s a great opportunity!


Naz ♥

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#Customizable #Mug from #5amily at https://5amily.com/h/1afl4Foym6uKC2e

Love my new mug I got from #5amily.
There is so much you can choose from!!! I got this one just to piss the hubz off, cuz let’s face it….I am always right 😂😂
Check out there website, by clicking here.


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