5 Tips to melting excess fat off your body

5 Tips to melting excess fat off your body

You may have made the decision to live a healthy lifestyle this yourself still having that unwanted pounds. You are not a good lone. There are many people who are still driven crazy by the excess fat their bodies have.

Even people who exercise regularly or watch their calorie intake also suffer from such problems. Some may still have love handles while others still cannot get rid of their flabby arms.

The good news is that it is possible. That ripped body can still be reached as long as you are consistent with working out. To speed up the process of shedding those excess fats, read the following tips and incorporate them into your habits.

  1. Change your lifestyle – here’s thing. It’s not just one thing that will make you fit. You can’t just exercise but not do something about your calorie intake. To be healthier, you really need to change your lifestyle.Do your research and find out what you need to do, especially if there are specific areas in your body that you would like to target. Make the commitment to change. You may have to make certain sacrifices to achieve your goal.
  2. Gradually reduce your calorie intake – here’s something you should know. It’s not a good idea to suddenly decrease the number of calories you eat per day. It’s not necessary to starve yourself or skip full meals. The problem with that kind of practice is that your body will think that it is starving, and the result of that is that your body’s metabolism slows down, making your effort futile. Turn your attention to eating healthy food and if you choose to reduce calorie intake, do it gradually, continually decreasing every two weeks until your body can adjust.
  3. Do HIIT – if you’re used to doing just cardio for exercise, you need to know that cardio exercises alone cannot reduce the fat in your body. One type of exercise proven to be effective is the High-Intensity Intervals Training. This is a type of workout where you alternate intense exercises with rest. Make sure that you also do strength training, as the more muscles you build, the more calories you actually burn every day.
  4. Do a high protein diet – one trick to gaining more muscle is increasing the protein in your diet. But did you know that it can also promote fat loss? Something happens to the brain when you consume protein. The peptide YY production increases, and this actually curbs the hunger pangs that you may have as the brain tells your body it is no longer hungry.
  5. Go for treatment that targets specific areas in your body – If you’ve tried a lot of the tips already but you never seem to lose that fat, it would be a good idea to go for treatment. A Physician Skincare Center, you can avail of the Coolsculpt, a nonsurgical process that targets stubborn areas in your body.

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#Oshawa #Review at #TotalReflexHealth #HairAnalysis #health Results

I am soooo happy and sooo impressed with this procedure at Total Reflex Health in Oshawa with Donna Grace. They take a couple strands of your hair and a couple days later I get an email with results on my overall health. The details of this test will let you know if you have any parasites, toxins, lack of vitamins or minerals…the list goes on. Sadly my results aren’t the greatest. As you can see, it’s a priority to have vitamins and minerals AND I AM BREASTFEEDING! Thankfully I am taking Thrive starting today (which is a multivitamin for women and helps with weight management and your overall health). As for the advisory category, that’s Antioxidants and EFAs. The test results go into detail of what type of vitamins/minerals/etc that you are lacking. For example, mine was:
-Vitamins recommended and lacking of:
Inositol, Vitamin A & B1 & Vitamin D3

-Minerals recommended and lacking of:
Sodium, Sulfur, Calcium & Iodine

-Essential Fatty Acids recommended and lacking of:
Omega 3 (A) and Omega 6 (A)

-Antioxidants recommended and lacking of:
Co Enzyme Q10 (A)

-Amino Acids I am good

-Toxins I am good

-Microbiology I am good

-EMFS & ELFS I am good

-Food Indicators that I should stay away from for the next 90 days are (this is not labelled as an allergy, but effecting my body in some way):
Cheese, Black Cherry, Greengage, Pear, Spelt, Redcurrant, Peanuts, Kidney Beans and Orange Pepper.

I know that I have problems after eating cheese and beans, but the rest was interesting to know!

It was really great to know this and am happy to know that I will be taking my full vitamins and minerals now, because I am breastfeeding from Thrive, but also for my well being.

For further information, please contact Donna Grace at Total Reflex Heath in Oshawa.

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5 Tips to getting your ex back after a breakup

5 Tips to getting your ex back after a breakup

Going through a breakup is surely a hard thing and there are no words that can describe how awful the feeling is. However, believe it or not, you are not the only one who has experienced that kind of awful feeling. No matter how unique or one of a kind your love story and eventual break-up is, there is always another person in this wide world who has had a similar experience. Every adult in the world has more or less underwent the feelings of a break-up. And every adult too, has felt the urge of not giving up and has put effort in to trying to win back their ex after a breakup. That is why, if you are trying to win back your ex after a breakup, these 5 tips from http://getherbackguide.com/ will surely help you.

  1. Give your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend the space they need

In almost all breakups, space is one of the most common causes. By space, we mean the personal space that a person needs for him or herself. Sometimes, especially if we have been together with our ex for a very long time, we tend to ignore and neglect the space and privacy that our partners need for themselves. You see, even if you have been together for several years, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to share everything together. There will always be a time when your partner may want to have separate time; alone time to be with themselves and think alone. If you just went through a breakup and want to win your ex back, then it is very important that you give them space and time to be alone and think for themselves.

  1. Stop being depressed and live your life

Being depressed after a breakup is pretty normal. However, if you want to get your ex back soon, then you should definitely pick up the broken pieces and start living your life normally again. Straighten up and fix yourself and try to go about your daily life again. Trust me, being depressed will never get your ex back. If you think that he or she will pity you if you just spend your days being depressed and crying over your heartbreak, then you are definitely wrong. Your ex will feel more justified about the break and will even avoid you.

  1. Be confident

Confidence is the most basic form of charm. After you pick up the pieces, show your ex that you are back in the field and are more confident than ever. Make him or her feel that you have already moved on and have already left the depression stage. If you meet your ex in the streets or somewhere, be more confident and try not to talk about the break-up. Instead, tell him or her about the things that you are currently busy with. This will make him or her think about you more and more until they start regretting their decision.

  1. Contact your ex

After a grace period of about a few months or depending on the current state of your relationship, you may want to contact your ex. However, try to avoid the topic of getting back together. Start from the scratch and talk like friends. Try to bring back the feeling of when you guys were just getting to know each other. And from there, you can slowly start getting back together.

  1. Learn from your mistakes

The most important part in getting your ex back is that you learn from your mistakes. There is no point in getting back together if you don’t adjust and change for the better. If you really are serious about getting back your ex, then by all means, do not repeat the same mistakes again. Do not do things that will provoke the same reactions from your ex that resulted in your breakup. However, it is also very important that you consider your own feelings as it always takes two to tango. So meet halfway and appreciate each other.’

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Meal 3 with #HelloFresh HelloFresh.ca – $30 off code inside!

Read up on meal 1 and the pros and cons here.

For meal #2, click here.

Meal 3 was the best of them all! ThaiBeef and Glass Noodles

End result:

The flavours of this meal is what made my final decision. I honestly thought that the beef was so tiny that it wouldn’t fill us all up – but with everything else – it sure did! We have now decided that we will be ordering this box subscription for 3 meal plans for once a month.

I am soo in love with this idea!

Would you like to subscribe? Receive $30 off using the voucher code SASSYSALLY – HelloFresh.ca

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Meal 2 with #HelloFresh HelloFresh.ca – $30 off code inside!

Read up on meal 1 and the pros and cons here.

Meal #2 was Chicken Malenese

My baby started crying while I was cooking, so I messed up the bread crumbs. But wow was it ever delish, so it didn’t even matter  !!

End result:

Equals = YUMMY!

Oh, after the second meal – I was convinced!!

My 3rd meal is coming up in just a few…

Would you like to subscribe? Receive $30 off using the voucher code SASSYSALLY – HelloFresh.ca

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Meal 1 with #HelloFresh HelloFresh.ca – $30 off code inside!

Hey ladies!

When I first came across this meal plan in #Canada, I was SOOO happy! Let me tell you that this is by far the easiest way to cook meals for yourself, husband, family etc. I have some pros and some cons, but ultimately the pros weigh out the cons …and I will prove it! I have decided to buy into this and receive a box monthly….let me tell you why…

I LOVE TO COOK and now more so that I need to lose weight from greiving, pregnancy and quitting a bunch of all things that has made me pack on the pounds this past year.

One of the pros is that the meal plans does the shopping for you.
Secondly, it’s MAILED to you.  (Saves you even more time!)
3rdly, it’s differently, younique meals DAILY.
4th, it’s portion controlled, so you know that you can lose weight – BONUS!
5th, it’s sooo healthy and sooo delicious!
Lastly, your husband will think he has an amazing chef at home….

Now the Cons:
The price.
Now, don’t get me wrong – this isn’t such a negative review. I am saying this because most people will look at the price and turn their heads immediately.
Well….take a second look: If you like the PROS listed above, take into consideration the time you will be saving, the weight you will lose from the correct portions, the fun put into it if you love to cook like I do and most importantly the more time you can spend with your children or whatever it is you like to be doing.

Now that said, I have factored in a lot of the above to see if the price was right, and that said I will will be ordering the box for 3 meals once a month – because that’s how much I love this idea! I mean…think of Mariah Carey…she has her meals done and cooked for her on a daily – that’s what helped her lose her weight. If it was a wee bit cheaper, I would probably order more, but for now…we will stick to the one box per month and see how it goes.

NOW for the first meal.

I made:
Sautéed Shrimp

(Apologies on the blurry photo! I just saw this now!)

First meal and I was impressed! The flavour, the recipe – mm mmm good!

My next 2 meals are coming up in just a few…

Would you like to subscribe? Receive $30 off using the voucher code SASSYSALLY – HelloFresh.ca

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Congrats to Samantha and Saima!

Congratulations to Samantha Gray and Saima Adeel!

I have sent you an email from info@canadiansassysally.com. Please make sure I am in your safe emails – sometimes it’ll be sent to your spam folder.

I hope you enjoy your shopping! kinzd.com


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#BabyKaysShower (Pictures Only)

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#Free Eye Drops with Coloured Lenses Purchase from @PinkyParadise2u

Click here or the picture above to be redirected!

Can’t wait to review the green lenses above from their Twilight Reborn collection! Coming soon…

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Congratulations Monique Shuell!

Congratulations to #MoniqueShuell for winning the #PanaCosmetics giveaway on my #blog!

We are sending you an email as this post sends out! Remember to put info@canadiansassysally.com as your safe mail, so it doesn’t get sent to your spam folder.

Let us know what you think when you receive these products with free delivery!

Chat soon!

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