Rainblow Tie-Dye Surprise Cake!!

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It might take a bit of time and effort, but it will definitely be worth it!

To make this beautiful cake first you have to make cake batter for one cake and divide it in small bowls. Colour each bowl with a separate food colour. Fill piping bags with coloured batters and then drizzle the batters to form a rainbow of colours as shown.

When the rainbow cake is baked cut numbers out of it with a cookie cutter.

Then make a plain cake batter and pour it in a cake tin almost till one third. Join the numbers together and make a row of them in the centre of the slightly filled cake tin. Cover the letters gently with cake batter and bake the cake.

When the cake is baked cover it with icing.

Now make some tie-dye fondant by twisting and rolling colored fondant logs.

Cover the cake with this tie-dye rainbow fondant sheet and voila!

This is ONE AMAZING CAKE and I cannot wait to bake it!!
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