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I have an incredible review that has helped me through my journey in life. Life will throw you lemons, it’s if you can make beer out of it and enjoy the rocky ride.

This app not only allows me to vent my thoughts and feelings without being judged, but it also has helped me have peace within my heart. The more I used it, the more relevant the questions were to my lifestyle! It’s pretty cool actually. I mean we all could just let off steam once in awhile, right? It’s super easy to use and looks beautiful 😍😍
This app was created by positive psychologists and almost 1 million people are using this app all in a matter of one year! Amazing right?!

Here’s a little video of what I have done today. I chose to make it basic and not so personal.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with it. Imagine being able to vent…the positive way, instead of blowing up or worrying about things that are out of your control.

Basically this app is a like journal; for your own personal thoughts. This has helped me process goals, overcome fears, achieve things and becoming organized about my life. I love this app. Regardless of what you’re facing in live, whether it be hard times, or even good, there is always a learning step to everything. And a frickin app. Am I right? 😂😂

Just remember, if you don’t write them down, how are you going to remember everything throughout the day?

It’s like a journal, in an app, that guides you and helps you through lifes stepping stones. Another amazing thing about this app is depending on your mood or your responses, it could go either way. For example, my greatest fears are currently being met in my life. So the app provided me a beautiful and informative and undoubtably calming video response:

This video today has helped me. On positive days like below, you would receive another video helping or congratulating you on your journaled notes. Isn’t that great? It kind of reminds me of the book: The Secret. You’re basivally helping your mind and manifesting a positive and happy lifestyle.

It’s great! I absolutely love this app. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone for absolutely any topic at hand. Sometimes it’s hard to talk about my past. Because of it, I have a severe & complex form PTSD. I think this helps one grow as an individual. It will definitely help me to get off what’s on my chest instead of maybe exploding or worse…and for positive achievements, this is just one of my favourite apps.

Ive also used this app for my New Mom Syndrome!  It has also let me vent my s?$t out as a new mom. You all know that my mom passed away 3 months before conceiving our daughter. So, you all know this app has does wonders for me.

Two thumbs up!

I recommend this to every single person, no matter the age, culture, religion; whether they’re in school or batting hard times.

This is also a great manifestation of what you want in life.

Think positive.

Journal it with positive psychologists.



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