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I finally finished the book! Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve finished it in 2 days, but I had so much to do online it’s not even funny. We all know that Desperate in Dubai is a mix of Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City with a twist of the Muslim/Emirati fix. But, do we know that it is totally funny, sad and lots to learn if you are a Western Expat? There were times I had tears welting up in my eyes, there were times I had laughed at loud and their were tons of things I had no clue or idea what the heck the writer was talking about because it had Arab or Indian descriptions, words or dishes. Either way, I realllly loved it! I can absolutely say that I connected with each of the 4 girls; Leila, Nadia, Sugar and Lady Luxe. Another thing is, I heard that this book was banned. I don’t know why, but I can tell you one thing, I honestly don’t think this book is 100% fiction. I truly believe it was based on real stories of the writer or her friends – you never know, maybe that is why it was banned! The writer does say that some of the stories are non-fiction, but to what that is, we will never know. In my heart, I believe it to be 100% non-fiction.  I think the writer may have added a bit to each story to make the book better. Also reading about these places in Dubai that I have been to or learning about the Emirati life, just makes me more and more curious about their lifestyle and everything in between. Not saying that every Muslim is hiding something, but rather the Emirati’s living a luxurious life and possibly how the expats do come to Dubai to escape something from their hometown.

I want to read this book a second time, that’s how much I love it!

I give this book a complete 2 thumbs up, whatever it’s rated out of, times it by 2! I am not interested in books unless it comes to women and life or if it’s a true story/diary. The only other fiction book I have read was L.A. Woman and this book has definitely overtaken that spot.

Thanks and I look forward to reading another book by this author.


  • Renu lalwani


    Thanx for update Dear ..i will also try to Read this Book 🙂

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