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This is definitely a manly man scent! Picture leather. You got it! Miz it up with a bit of Oud and that’s what it smells like.
Although, it doesn’t mention Oud on the bottle, but to me, it really smells like it.

My husband loves this scent and says it’s a rich classic scent. Mainly for occasions and not an every day wear…



fresh spicy

Fuelled by an unquenchable curiosity, Zino Davidoff kept exploring the world, searching for worthy materials and skilful workmanship. His passion for discovery and  dedication to excellence soon equated the Davidoff brand with uncompromising quality and unrivalled elegance. The new Davidoff Blend Collection is a tribute to this philosophy. Composed of carefully selected exclusive ingredients and packaged with style, it offers a unique experience, an olfactory and sensory journey into Zino Davidoff’s universe.

Each fragrance of the Davidoff Blend Collection will be conceived around a carefully chosen note, illustrating a facet of Davidoff’s sophisticated world. The first opus celebrates leather. A noble and sought-after ingredient, this valued material pays a vibrant homage to Zino Davidoff’s love of luxury and fine craftsmanship.

Will be in stores in November.


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