Review on a super cute Pink Piggy USB/plug charger!

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This is a sooo cute! This USB/plug port charged games (like portable/handheld games), cameras, MP3s, phones, audio devices, lamps, iPads or tablets, printers, laptops/computers…the list goes on! You name it.

This is a really great gift idea for device junkies, on-the-go peeps, or something pink for your pink office, LIKE I DID!

It also comes in white.

  • [Cool 3D USB Charging station with Power Strip for multiple devices]: Multi-Ports charging station with 8 AC outlets,4 USB ports and long 10 Ft/ 3m cable,fit for many devices as desktop organizer,instead of too many charging adapter with messy cables,Save Space and keep your rooms arranged in perfect order
  • [ Creative Patented 3D design with Pig Toy Cool Style Ball Housing] Save Space and get better heat dissipation. Cute Cartoon Pig Toy Style,Good gifts idea for kids and Lady Girl Student . 5V 2A for quick charge and 5V 1A for slow micro current charge, AC Rated current: 10A, AC Rated voltage: 110-240V, Dimension:4.7″(L)*4.7″(W)*4.2″(H), available for different uses
  • [High quality Power Strip with USB for home and office use]: Thermo-resistant and flame-retardant material body with high quality copper inside, better turn-on performance and few heat produced
  • [More Protection Reliable features]: FCC, CE Certificated. Overvoltage/overload/electromagnetic /overcurrent /electrostatic /thermal /overcharge /short-circuit protection and lightning protection Surge protection with Fuse
  • [High Power} The rated AC power of this charging station is 2000W, 10A. USB Can out put 5V 1A/2A smartly by detection to meet current needs.High-power electrical appliance like electric radiator,hair dryer etc. should be used with caution!




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