#Review on #BLACKHEADS, #ACNE CURE & #PIMPLE: acne, #ketogenicdiet, #cookbook and #recipes energy reset books for #homeremedy at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N5MUCDN

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I do have to apologise on behalf of this review. Unfortunately, I cannot open this on my device and my laptop has hit the pooper. I have to send it in after backing it up, to Dell so they can replace either the motherboard or hard drive. Sadly….

That being said, I only have a few days to set up this review for the company, so I thought I would do a few shoutouts until I can actually review the book. This book is sold on Amazon and is available on Kindle Edition.

This book is all about blackheads, acne  cure & pimple: acne, ketogenic diet, cookbook and recipes energy reset books for home remedies. I can’t wait until I can open this bad boy up and learn more – especially considering the Ketogenic diet is in there!!

It’s only $2.99 on Amazon – CLICK HERE to purchase today!

It’s well worth it for that price!!
Don’t tell me anything if you do decide to buy it, because I still have to take a peak at this gold book for women!

Stay Sassy!



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