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Everyone knows I receive a ton of mail/parcels/packages on a daily.

This door cam is perfect if I’m, let’s say: breastfeeding, changing or just am unable to answer the door. I have the app on my phone that shows exactly who’s at the door and who exactly I’m not going to answer the door tooooo..lol just kidding. This wifi doorbell has an “accept call” feature within the app.  I just think it’s super cool to have all these Smart gadgets nowadays

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At the same time, I am reviewing a Dash Cam:


This one had a few more features and was a bit harder to connect. I haven’t used it driving as I only have my G1, but I will connect it on my dash soon, but only AFTER I deck out dan’s truck in pink LOL

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This 3rd baby cam is super cute and very magnetic  I love how it’s tiny and compact. There was absolutely no complications connecting it, where as the other two did have a harder time to connect to wifi.

All in all, they’re all pretty fantastic. It just depends on your preference

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