Review on EsiCam Baby Monitor/Nanny Cam/Pet Cam including app

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This review is on EsiCam Baby Monitor/Nanny Cam/Pet Cam including app for your smart phone. I received this yesterday and realized there were no instructions, so just ask the seller on Amazon for it. You can also download the app LiveYes for the user manual.

My review will cover:

  • Price
  • Functionality
  • Battery life
  • Range

As for the price, I am 50/50. I am such a frugal shopper, but if you want quality, we all know we have to spend a bit more. $65 CAD is pretty mediocre when it comes to either cheap or expensive. So, I agree in spending a bit more for higher quality. As for the quality of the panda camera,  it is pretty decent and does the job right! As for it being a nanny cam, I don’t think it’s that secretive. It actually looks like a camera.

Is the functionality easy? I was a bit frustrated in the beginning without the instructions, however the product itself it easy to set up. The camera is 360 degrees which is super cool, but you can always just put it in the corner of the room. Motion detector is included, which is a bonus. You can save screenshots, for whatever reason you may need that for! The camera claims to have 1.0 Mega Pixel high-definition video stream. All I know is that this cam is pretty clear! Looks great.

I haven’t used this long enough to test the battery life out, but I will update this once I know how the battery function works and how long it lasts without the cord.

The range isn’t bad at all. My baby’s room is not anywhere close to the wifi box and it still worked great.

All in all, I do believe this is a good purchase.




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