#Review on #EyelashExtensions from #EdlynGrace in #Whitby #Oshawa #Courtice #Bowmanville #DurhamRegion

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#Review on #EyelashExtensions from #EdlynGrace in #Whitby #Oshawa #Courtice #Bowmanville #DurhamRegion

I recently met Edlyn a group on Facebook and I couldn’t have been happier! I have always wanted to get my eyelashes done, but you know the horror stories you hear about them, right? Well, I knew the positive about it and if you keep up with them, then you will always have gorgeous fluttery…but, here’s the thing…I never did it because I thought it was quite costly. Until I met Edlyn…..

Her price are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! $60 for a full set -1-2 hour long or $35 for a refill in 3 weeks. How can you beat those prices?? I mean, salons cost double! She is a fully certified lash technician, went to school in North York and now resides in Whitby. To top it all off, she’s super nice! Let the lashes speak for itself, too!!


Here’s the thing, I chose the LONGEST lashes for a dramatic change, but if I find them too long, I can shorten them on my fill….which is ONLY $35!

I also had no idea that the extensions are glued directly on the lashes and not on the skin…go figure! Falsies do that – duh!

I also have to admit that the timing did take a bit long..I am a prego, anxious, fidgety gal after the first hour…but hey, the good news is…I kept thinking in my head – “when is she going to start?” – I had not felt a single tinge, pull, dab – NOTHING! She was so damn gentle, that I couldn’t even tell that she was actually working. She was concentrating very hard, that said, she does an awesome job —– and it’s inexpensivev – and she comes to you!

I don’t know her number, but you can contact her on facebook by clicking here.

Remember, you don’t have to get my length – you can always go  for a more natural look!



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