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Yesterday I received a treatment from @HealthyHomeME and it was a WELL DESERVED ONE and quite overdo, if you ask me!

First they vacuumed the mattress top and bottom. They first showed me a 2 second test on what this vacuum does, here were the results:
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Again, this was only a 2 second test to show me what the vacuum actually accumulates. There was still approximately 15 more minutes on each side of vacuuming. I was impressed! The amount of dust bunnies that comes out of your mattress is crazy!!

Next they used a UV light on the bed and this kills the bacteria head on.

I was a;so impressed with their customer service as well as their pricing! This treatment only costed 350 dhs and everything else (curtains, rugs, etc) is all lower in price. So, it’s also a steal! Especially for those that suffer from allergies constantly. I highly recommend this to everyone who does have irritations from allergens, because this treatment was meant for you!

To learn more, check out their website here: http://www.thehealthyhome.me/
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