Review on kindle version of vlogging!

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I thought I would do a #review on a #video kindle version vlogging as I am undergoing a change soon for 2018 and am educating myself on this. Funnily enough, my web designer has said my beauty blog looks like it is from the 90s – oh I love her! So, now we are revamping everything! Good news coming soon! Stay tuned…

So, this is the kindle version that I reviewed and really, I am still going through it. There is so much to video blogging – or rather, vlogging – that I have to learn. I am so old school when it comes to this stuff. Thank God for web desgigner – honestly! But, it’s better to learn how to do this on my own as well.

I  liked this version, because not only can I go back and reread and education myself, but I have it for life. It’s difficult with a new baby now, but I am slowing getting back to the grove of things.

I especially liked the fact that it was easy to read and understand. The bonus is that it teaches you how to make money online – which is something that life is geared towards anyways. The online presence is growing at such a fast rate. Plus, it’s better for you to learn yourself than pay someone else to do it for you. Unless you got the funds!

You can click the above image to be redirected to Amazon where I reviewed this book.

I recommend this book for others as it is user friendly and if you are a beginner like me, definitely give this a go!

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    JAJAJAJAJJAAJA OMG the 90’s thing was confidential LOL

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