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This #review is LONG OVERDO! I basically had a mother pass away due to cancer and got pregnant of 8 months of puking and being sick (worst symptoms ever!), however I have lots of reviews piled up and I am going to share everything with you all very soon. Since I have to keep my feet up, I might as well tell you all about the products that I have come across these past few months….


So, I have been using this more-so now that I am pregnant than before. It helps immensely so I don’t have to use any products or chemicals while prego. I have had mega dry skin and this helps soo much with removing flakes and makes my skin more flawless. I suggest people who have thicker skin to use this more. Prior to me getting pregnant, I didn’t really see a use for this because I took care of my skin like crazy (I am a beauty blogger! 😛 ), so I wasn’t seeing a huge difference, but I am now. I am taking care of my skin less and less while being overweight and super lazy (lol!), so this has been a gem for me!!

You can check them out here: http://www.le-edge.us

Stay sassy ladies!


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