Review on Lower Back Yoga for Back Pain

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I downloaded this app, as some of you know, I am suffering from back pain due to birth, a large chest, curved spine, etc etc…

It’s only 10 minutes long, so I have been testing it out for the time being and of course doing morning stretches. I can honestly say that the last few days I have not had any tailbone pain! I know this has nothing to do with what the app offers, but it’s a start! As for lower back pain, it has REDUCED. It’s only been about 3 days. Now the reason why it’s not a full recovery from pain is because this is a quick review and also I have serious problems that won’t just go away from exercise alone. I need a reduction, I keep getting x-rays on back, etc etc. The list goes on. I have tried Chiropractic work, but at this time, I could not continue for personal reasons.

In the app:
-There’s an introduction before you start which explains what you need, explains in detail of the exercise and aids you through the process.

-There is also an introduction to the of the trainer/instructor so you get a closer understanding of his qualifications.

-There are extra tips on how to deal with your back pain which aids in strengthening your core.

-An option for more classes and last but not least the floor class which I have used myself.


This app is quick, easy and anybody can do this! It’s super easy and effective – just stay consistent!

You definitely should try it out yourself! Good luck…
Click here to download this app.

UPDATE: The instructor is amazing. He actually took the time to genuinely walk me through the steps, my health, noticed I had sciatica without me even telling him, and gave me advice. I am impressed by his caring and knowledgeable information.
You can view his website here: or contact him directly here.




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