#Review on #PomPomGLAM #PartySupplies for #BabyKay’s 1st #Birthday!

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I am so excited and thrilled to be a mother. I honestly never thought this day would come. I am prepping ahead like a total geek as her 5 month is only 4 days away and her 1 year isn’t until June 8th, 2018!

#PomPomGLAM #PartySupplies are sold on Amazon, click here to check out the details and cost.

The package comes with super cute, DIY pompoms, wall streamers and everything to make a themed birthday more vibrant! This package came with yellow, green and pink colours (gold, too!) I like this particularly, because my grandmas favourite colour was yellow, my moms favourite colour was green and of course my favourite colour is pink. (I wonder what the lil monkey’s favourite colour will be..?) These colours mean a lot to me since my mom and grandma is no longer with us, so it will feel like they are there celebrating her 1st birthday with us.

Additionally, this package comes with cake toppers! A little added something for every occasion, birthday, wedding, shower or party!!

I can’t wait to put these babies up xoxo


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