Review on RevivSerums!

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Hello ladies,

I’m back with another review of this hair serum that is meant for graying and thinning which I’ve always had thinning so they recommended I use both bottles to get voluptuous hair. I was sent a second bottle, but you know me I love to do giveaways, so I did, LOL.

Instead I used the best bottle or something else. I used it on my eyebrows! For those of you who know me growing up I’ve always over plucked- so my eyebrows on one side were kind of thin and on the other side, it wasn’t even there – I had to draw it on. LOL As I grew up, I realized I wasn’t the only one in the family who had the same eyebrow issues.

Anyways back to the review I’ve never had bushy eyebrows before and I have tried so many eyebrow serum’s to make your brows grow faster. And I have never ever tried a product that actually works!

So this is a totally different kind of review – I can’t imagine what it would do for greying & volumizing

10/10 hands down – if u need to grow your brows THIS IS THE PRODUCT!!!! 😂😂 ……and FAST, TOO!

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Enjoy my sassy sistahs!






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