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Hilton Sharjah

I had such a wonderful stay at Shajrah Hilton for my birthday! Well, I should say for mine and my husbands birthday hehe

Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed was the amazing view…


This is taken from one end to the next, but the door was dead straight across from the bush. The bush was right in the middle. The view was so gorgeous, that I had to wake up early to see the sunrise, without a doubt. Personally, I think the bed would be nice to have a view at, but it didn’t really matter. We aren’t in the Bahamas! 😉


The view is situated right in the living room/dining room. This area was a large setting and could also be utilized for a larger family or party. There was a conjoining room attached, but I wasn’t staying there.

I missed the above entrance that said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” as soon as I walked in. I was distracted by the gorgeous, absolutely stunning view.


Then I did my rounds in the hotel room. I noticed fresh flowers everywhere and more surprises made by the hotel!


There were 2 tv’s, of course one in front of the bed and in the living room (where the couches were).


I tried to get up for the sunrise, but was only up at 6:30 am, and the sun was high almighty in the sky.
Does Dubai even have a sunrise/sunset? LOL It’s so hot, I think it just hide behinds clouds at night 😛


Surprises during my visit were 2 chocolate cakes for myself and my husband. One that says “Congrats” and the other that says “Happy Birthday” as well as a fruit platter.

DSCN1609 DSCN1611

The Hilton is very considerate and very accommodating. I had such a relaxing stay, that I didn’t get time to indulge in the amenities at all.

*   *   *

Now, here comes the deep and dirty review. Is this hotel clean? I checked under the beds, under the couches, the corners of the walls, the bathroom cracks and crevices and ended up shocked. That was one clean hotel. I normally find a piece of plastic hidden or tucked away under the bed or at least a smidgen of dust on the windowsills. BUT there was NOTHING! Not a single thing or dirt spec anywhere! It was rather frustrating, but hey that should be a good thing right?

As I checked in the staff was speedy and also wished me Happy Birthday 🙂 – great service.

They called in to check up to see if I needed anything – great service.

They surprised us with goodies – impeccable customer service.

Overall, I can’t even say that I even had 1% of anything negative. I still wish I was laying in that oh-so-comfortable bed with those ahhmazing pillows.

The view was definitely fantastic, but it still can’t beat my Niagara Falls view in Ontario, Canada. BUT it’s definitely up there.

I recommend this hotel 100%, it’s relaxing and offers yummy restaurants and cafe’s inside the hotel, 2 pools and a squash room, massage room, a spa and some lobby shops.

Without a doubt, I can guarantee this is the best place to stay in Sharjah, UAE. I have stayed at a few in Sharjah – non of them are even comparable.

Hands down the best hotel in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Other attractions, that are very close,if not a 5 minute walk and other hotel amenities are:

  • Al Qasba (kids fair, restaurants, a Ferris wheel, cafes, snacks)
  • The Blue Souk
  • Sharjah National Park
  • Sharjah Art Museum
  • Sharjah Gold Center
  • Sharjah colored water fountain
  • A new stadium (you can see if under construction in the middle of the water in my above “view” photo – left hand side.)
  • A new waterpark (distant in the view photo, but definitely a walking distance.)
  • 20-minute drive from Dubai International Airport
  • Complimentary on-site car and valet parking
  • Two restaurants and two lobby lounges
  • Three meeting rooms, a VIP lounge, pillar-less and divisible ballroom, two outdoor pool terraces
  • Hilton Fitness with spa, squash court and three outdoor swimming pools

All opinions are my 100% honest opinion. The only negativity I had was that there was nothing wrong – which was next to impossible as I scoured the room for even one particle of dust – it was as clean as a whistle.



  • makeupbyamie


    WOW THTS KOOL … mashallah stay blessed with ur hubby … u must have enjoyed it like heaven :P)

    • Sassy Sally

      I did! It was a home away from home… I loved it so much xx

  • Abidha Ayyoob


    Beautiful view and yummy lukin cakes…loved the towel arts….nice to hear you had a great time! 🙂 🙂

  • neenz87


    Awesome, Sal!. What a wonderful birthday celebration ♡

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