#Review wiith #Nerium #BodyContourCream and #EHT #AgeDefyingSupplement from #KimUrbanKoppy at http://ndakku.nerium.com/

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I have, honestly, taken the time to review both products, with weekly photos of my progress, but somehow….SOMEHOW these photos are not on my device anymore and I am sorry to not be able to show the visual for this #review.

Kim Urban-Koppy has generously sent me 2 products that I have chosen from her shop. She was kind enough to LET ME PICK which ones I actually wanted and little did I know, the actual prices of the product afterwards, so THANK YOU again Kim.



I did not notice a change DURING taking these EHT supplements, however afterwards I realized that I WAS focusing more than I ever have that past month. I was dedicated to my jobs and working harder than normal. PLUS, MY SKIN WAS AMAZINGLY CLEAR!!!!!!! These supplements ARE worth buying if you cant be distracted with a certain task and I cant vouch for severe problematic skin, but I do know that it even blocked my monthly hormonal breakouts.

As for the stretch mark cream, I did notice at first that it started to loosen up, but without the photos I can’t really say that did see a difference. Dedicated is most important when you truly want to have those stretch marks removed and because I had to stop taking pills and potions for the time being (health related), I can use this product for a future review, which won’t be too long from now. I promise on that!

To purchase from her website, please click here.

Lots of love my sassy followers…..



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