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Pinky Paradise is my go to for lenses every single year – for the past…I don’t know, 5 years? I love their selection and they are by far, the most generation place to offer giveaways for my readers! Sadly, I was so busy this year that I missed delivery confirmation for these babies this year for Halloween:

..they are not white out, but white mesh, so it blends into your sclera (white of the eye). I can’t wait to use them. They also have my prescription, which I am so thankful for!

I also wanted to say that this past Halloween, I did use Pinky Paradise‘s lenses – but decided to mix them up from last year!
My eyes are half bright pink and half-evil? lol!

I was a dead wife this year – I just can’t wait for next year – it is definitely not fun for it only being one night of the year…

To check out their website, click here. Remember, every year I do get a 50% discount code for Halloween – so follow me by email to receive that code for next year and any promotional deals from Pinky Paradise exclusive to my blog ONLY!

Lots of love and stay SASSY!

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