Skinny Coffee Club 1/3

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Skinny Coffee Club is this caffeinated drink that aids you in losing weight and I have decided to take the plunge to see where this super weight loss drink takes me!

The exciting news is that I have a voucher code for all my sassy viewers for 20% off with SASSYSALLY20. Shop HERE.

With ingredients like, ground coffee, ground green coffee, Siberian ginseng, spurolina, green tea extract and garcinia cambogia, you really cannot go wrong!
Starting weight is 236 lbs.
Please keep in mind that I had a baby 8 months ago, breast reduction this year: so a lot of my weight is in my chest, hypothyroidism: harder to lose weight and of course: pain from scoliosis – so less physical activity.
Hence the reason I haven’t posted much selfies since birth.

All in all, I drink coffee anyways – so why not try this magical drink?!

I’ll update you all half way through and then in the end to see if I actually lost weight!

Wish me luck…





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